The Teacher Union’s Curse, Gender Politics, School Choice Stalled, Parent’s Rights & More! – TennCon’s Big 7

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1) 9 Of 10 House Republican Candidates Supported By The TN Education Association Lost The Primary –

2) Only Two TN Counties Record More Than 50% Voter Turnout In Most Recent Election –

Bonus: Tennessee Elects 37 New County Mayors / Executives –

3) TN School Teachers Being Trained To Use Preferred Pronouns Of Students Due To Proposed Title IX Changes –

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4) Elite Nashville All-Girls School Enacts New Gender Diversity Policy To Admit Boys Who Identify As Girls –

5) State Stalls On Approval Of Families For School Voucher Program –

6) Family Values Organization Shares Back To School Checklist For Parents –

7) Jefferson County Commission Calls on General Assembly to Give School Districts the Option of Elected School Superintendents –

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One thought on “The Teacher Union’s Curse, Gender Politics, School Choice Stalled, Parent’s Rights & More! – TennCon’s Big 7

  • August 13, 2022 at 4:02 am


    We need some device to give those of us who are willing to contribute to General Assembly races a “heads up” about key primaries that are to take place in August of even numbered years AS THE PRIMARIES ARE DEVELOPING. The trouble right now is that there is no way for potential contributors to know about key primary races far enough ahead of time when contributions would be most useful. Receiving a voter’s guide right before election is ok for voting, but too close to the election to serve as a guide for contribution to key races where conservative challengers to Republican centrists/tepid conservatives or conservative incumbents are warding off challengers from centrists/tepid conservatives challengers.


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