We The People Rally Coming To Nashville In Support Of Individual Liberty

Tennessee Stands Has Organized A Rally On Wednesday At The Capitol In Nashville. Immediately Following, They Are Planning To Walk To The Cordell Hull Building For The Senate Health And Welfare Committee Hearing To Support Senate Bill To Secure Religious Exemptions To Vaccines. 

Tennessee Capitol Building in Nashville

Image Credit: Tennessee Stands

Published March 30, 2021

House Bill 10 aimed to secure religious exemptions to vaccines but it died in the Tennessee House a few of weeks ago.  

Then, House Bill 13 to prevent the state from mandating a vaccine for COVID stalled in the House Health Committee. 

Now, Senator Janice Bowling (R) Tullahoma, has amended Senate Bill 187 to do the job of both. 

That bill was heard last week in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee and once again, the bill was rolled to this week

Tennessee Stands states, “After thousands of calls and emails for support on these bills, these committees still choose to bend their knee to campaign donors and special interest groups like the Tennessee Hospital Association and the Tennessee Medical Association. But the fact is, these legislators are elected to represent our interests and not the interests of these associations. They have forgotten. So, we need to remind them.” 

Tennessee Stands has organized a rally on Wednesday, March 31st at 1:30 PM at the Legislative Plaza at The Capitol. Immediately following, they are planning to walk to the Cordell Hull Building for the Senate Health and Welfare Committee Hearing at 3:00 PM. 

Gary Humble, founder and executive director of Tennessee Stands says, “We need you here at this rally.  We don’t need 10 people there.  We don’t need 50 people there.  We need over a thousand people there…We’re going to have a rally right there in front of the Capitol to let our legislators know that these calls they are getting from people are not just calls from robots and people that don’t exist, they are calls from real people across the state.” 

Expectations for the Rally laid out by Tennessee Stands – 

  • Bring signs. 
  • We will have a rally at the plaza and some speakers to hear from. 
  • We will then walk to Cordell Hull together. 
  • The Capitol is not strictly enforcing any COVID restrictions in the building, but we don’t know what to expect when a large group shows up. Capitol Police are already aware of this pending event and were very appreciative of the heads up. 
  • We don’t know how many people will be allowed into the building and/or the hearing room(s). 
  • But we are asking you to fill the room(s). Fill the hall(s). And if you’re outside, stay there and watch the live stream until we get a vote. 
  • Remain peaceful and respectful. We are there to be present. Not to be disruptive. We are there to be visible. Not to cause a scene. 

Tennessee Stands states, “This is a moment to show up. If you care about being heard by your elected representatives then this is a time to make a show of numbers.” 

Many Tennesseans plan to attend the rally and they posted their comments on social media.

Amy Glies states, “I’m going solo from Knoxville! First time doing anything like this. I’m excited but nervous. Since recently becoming a mother, I’ve been asking myself the questions,If not me(us), then who?If not now, then when?”

Michael Nancy Bayly says, “Me and several family members will be there! Thank you for organizing this!!”

Jennifer Oakey Schafluetzel stated, “My daughter and I will be there!”

And Amanda Cartwright can’t make it to the rally but sends her support regardless.

“I’d be there in a heartbeat if it wasn’t a 7 hour drive and I had a vehicle!”

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