2 thoughts on “Wokeism Is Marxism, DEI And ESG Are Stakeholder Capitalism (Op-Ed)

  • June 28, 2023 at 4:48 pm

    Great article. Thank you to Danielle Goodrich and TCN.

    What is driving lots of the problems is “DEI Coordinators”. I think they are behind a lot of the craziness. In Williamson County, the Leftists tried to get the School Board to hire a DEI Coordinator and turn over to them > All hiring and firing, curriculum and discipline. Fortunately, they didn’t hire one – that is what caused a lot of people to get involved and now conservatives and moderates are taking back control of the School Board and local governments. In Williamson, 65% of the people voted for Trump, yet 10 of the 12 School Board members were Libs. That happened because the election was “non-partisan” and the Libs lied about what they wanted to do. Now, thanks to the TN Legislature, conservatives can run as Republicans. We had a problem with Libs running as Republicans, but a new Williamson GOP was overwhelmingly elected and that problem will get fixed by the new officers.

  • June 30, 2023 at 12:21 pm

    So, as Micheal Rechtenwald opined in “The Google Archipelgo”, capitalism and communism tend toward the same monopoly of power from different ends of the political and economic spectrums.

    Comunists started with universal public ownership and ended up with state corporations as much the “robber barons” as free market corporations end up with political agendas.

    Both manipulate their currencies, estalish mercantile empires and employ manipulative performance evaluations i.e., “social credit score”. Even if our credit score system isn’t quite so intrusive, yet, as detailed spending patterns are easily available even if without the names of who’s spending what on what. It isn’t hard to figure where the AR-15s or Perrier Water sales peak or which Influencers’ bank accounts to shut down.

    Harping about Communism is easy enough. But what does this say about Capitalism?

    Hateful as it may sound, the German cartels proved instruments of government control tha worked out well from Frederick the Great through the world wars. 20th Century Italy andSpain tried it but had to resort to moreLiberal economics. Catherine managed to industrialize Russia of her day via Frederick’s “Camarilla” which stagnated until the Bolsheviks took over producing another spurt of industry and social serivces : univerals literacy!

    It would that no one size fits all.

    The 1891 Papal Encyclical Rerum Novarum poses a somewhat socialist solution maintiang property rights, the major “sin” of Communism according to Alexander Dugin. Mostly, it’s a matter of size. But also, as John Medaille points out, Smith and Ricardo have a lot more incommon with Marx than most would think. Supply and demand don’t work the same with money and land as it does with commodities and luxury goods are the bain of any economy. That would mean rich people?

    As the American Empire succumbs to the Russo-Chines Global South Alliance, we might think more in terms of what we want to replace our decripit system that sanctions and bombs ideological “enemies’ as casually as it deplatforms domestic critics, that we really are not as “free” as we’d like to think and that chaos is teh worst of tyrants however much we distrust “authoritariansim”. After all, we live in a complex society. It’s not a matter of wheher or not we’ll have subject matter Authorities but who they are. The popularity contests we call elections haven’t produced a very good crop lately.


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