7 Big Tennessee Stories The Mainstream Media Hopes You Will Never Discover…

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The Stories –

Giles County Parents Live In Fear As Would-Be School Shooter Allowed Back In Classroom – https://tinyurl.com/5cv8btm5

ACLU, LGBTQ Groups Sue Tennessee For Law That Imposes Increased Penalties For HIV-Positive Prostitutes – https://tinyurl.com/2p98294t

Rupaul’s Night Of The Living Drag Show Performed At The Grand Ole Opry And Other Venues In Tennessee With No Age Restriction On Attendance

Tennessee City Banned From Enforcing Common Sense Ordinance Protecting Children – https://tinyurl.com/2m8ydhwe

Knox Cops Deputized To Act On Behalf of ICE, But They Don’t Want To Talk About It – https://tinyurl.com/yck76bft

Filing of Foreign Land Sale in Loudon County Prompts Investigation – https://tinyurl.com/yeym7bbd

Knoxville Man Found Guilty Of Aiding ISIS – https://tinyurl.com/r5u6f3dt

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One thought on “7 Big Tennessee Stories The Mainstream Media Hopes You Will Never Discover…

  • October 28, 2023 at 12:41 pm

    RINO is the PC term for a Trotskyite.
    They are democrats pretending to be republican just to be elected.
    Have been doing it for near 100 years.


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