Blackburn Maintains Lead In New Poll

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Rebecca Scott] –

Senator Marsha Blackburn is seeking reelection in 2024. A new poll released by Emerson College indicates that Blackburn holds a significant lead in the state of Tennessee over Democrat Gloria Johnson.

Johnson, a state representative out of Knoxville, made the news earlier in the year as one of the “Tennessee 3,” a group of representatives who caused disruptions in the Tennessee House over lack of reforms in gun laws in response to The Covenant School shooting.


While there are currently three Democrats that will face off in the primaries, Blackburn, a Republican, is looking to secure a second term in the U.S. Senate.

The Emerson College Poll looked at various demographics with final statistics showing that Blackburn maintains a two-to-one lead over Johnson.

Blackburn characterizes her potential competitors as socialist leaning and is prepared to run on her own conservative record. 

Another poll, conducted between October 1st and October 4th, showed that Blackburn, at that time had a 24% lead over main Democrat contender Johnson.

Around the first of this month, Blackburn released a statement announcing $2.7 million in contributions in the third quarter, more than doubling those raised by her main opponent.

Tennessee primaries will occur on August 1, 2024 with the general election taking place on November 5, 2024.

About the Author: Rebecca Scott is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Rebecca at

3 thoughts on “Blackburn Maintains Lead In New Poll

  • October 23, 2023 at 7:51 pm

    If Senator Blackburn is not able to beat a radical socialist, then Tennessee is in trouble. BUT, if the cheat by democrats is not stopped, Blackburn could lose. Also, Senator Blackburn, please do more than write strongly worded letters. We need strong action.

  • October 23, 2023 at 11:41 pm

    IDK if Blackburn will make it or not, running on the stale socilist-capitalist argument, given the corporations running everything from drag shows to frivolous wars are corporate CEOs proving everything Marx ever said about them as well as the Founders’ greatest fears that we’d elect thieves to rob our treasury.

    Is Blackburn still convinced Derek Chauvin is guilty of “the brutal mirder of George Floyd”? It was all a lie. Right? We knew that then and Tucker Carlson recently said it again. Yet, Chauvin sits in prison.
    Speaking of prison, how the 6J prisoners, Republicans one and all.

    And then, there’s the kangaroo Trump court.

    Yes, Blackburn voted against funding the war in Ukraine, but only because of the inflation it caused us. Not because these “brave people fighting for their freedom” were really being slaughtered by one of the most corrupt gov’ts on earth while in fact attacking Russian forces protecting ethnic Donbas Russians from Ukrainian thugs, nor that the “Deep State” was violating Minsk 2 by expanding NATO into East Europe.

    Finally, Blackburn voted to support Isreal in its perenial war with Hamas, dating to 1948, and its policy of “disproportionate retaliation”, firing turbo-munitions at unarmed civilians in what probably amounts to the Jilianwala Bagh of the Middle East i.e. doing exactly what Hamas knew and wanted Isreal and the U.S. to do, after China finally united the Arab states sans Isreal and the American Isreal Lobby.
    Now, we are looking at the ultimate terror, nuclear war, while China and Russia look like the adults, never mind they saw it all comig if they did’t set it up in retaliation for Ukraine.

    One thing for sure, the entire U.S. Senate didn’t see it coming!

    Blackburn would be fine if she’d get real and stop sitting on the fence because we are in in a load of doo and this is not the Cold War anymore.

    When we make our enemies afraid, we piss the whole world, because we don’t know who our enemies are from one minute to the next. Guaraneed, though, a three front war in East Europe, the Middle East and Taiwan won’t fix our own border. Beware of terrorist attacks, y’all!

  • November 4, 2023 at 5:06 am

    Israel is in it’s “ongoing war” with Hamas because they want to destroy Israel and every person living there.


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