It’s The Country, Stupid! (Op-Ed)

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By Holly Abernathy [Special to The Tennessee Conservative] –

“It’s the ECONOMY, Stupid!” In 1992, Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign manager James Carville forever branded those words on the arm of American politics.

As evidenced in the 2022 midterm elections and the “red wave” that turned out to be nothing more than hyperbolic swash, Republicans do not have a clear message and are relying on antiquated and irrelevant strategies that no longer apply to global politics, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conservatives – and this does not include all Republicans – are not going to win elections unless their voter acquisition strategies and campaign messages change. The message is simple: It’s the COUNTRY, Stupid!

If there is any chance of a presidential win in 2024, conservatives need to change their messaging to state what they are going to do for the average American citizen by addressing three fundamental, Creator-endowed “unalienable Rights” of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – the “self-evident” bedrock of the United States of America as outlined in The Declaration of Independence.

Three decades after “it’s the ECONOMY, Stupid!” the urgent, critical phrase “it’s the COUNTRY, Stupid!” should be imprinted on the other arm of American politics as global political leaders (some of our own leaders included) aim to raze American sovereignty and independence.


Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, authoritarianism has been running rampant across the globe. Life as all people know it, not just Americans, has been devastatingly interrupted by global authoritarian leaders who seek to gain control.

According to The Wall Street Journal, George Soros, billionaire investor and “biggest donor of the midterms…has invested more than $128 million since January 2021 in Democratic candidates and causes.” Soros, in discussing modern systems of governance, describes artificial intelligence (AI) as “particularly good for producing instruments of control that help repressive regimes and endanger open societies. COVID-19 also helped legitimize such instruments of control, because they are really useful in dealing with the pandemic.”

Whether intentional or not, Soros highlights the opportunity seized upon by global authoritarians to interrupt, challenge, and control 21st century societies across the world.

Here at home, Constitution scorners in leadership positions have a message as well. Hillary Clinton tweeted on May 17, 2021: “It’s pretty simple: Get vaccinated. Get your life back.” Mandatory medical treatments do not hold a favorable place in world history, much less in a country that supposedly stands (or once stood) for a right to life.

In the entertainment industry, cultural influencers seem to have no value for life (some lives, that is) as well. Has-been Howard Stern, referring to people who refused the experimental shot, elegantly stated with all the sophistication he is known for: “Go f**k yourself…When are we gonna stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it’s mandatory to get vaccinated? F**k ‘em. F**k their freedom. I want my freedom to live.” Stern appears to have the opinion that only some lives matter.

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel seems to share the opinion of Mr. Stern. “Dr. Fauci said that if hospitals get any more overcrowded, they’re going to have to make some very tough choices about who gets an ICU bed. That choice doesn’t seem so tough to me. Vaccinated person having a heart attack – yes, come right on in. We’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy.” Since the COVID-19 mRNA social experiment began, these threatening sentiments are shared by many, and personal, medical decisions have become dangerously politicized and reminiscent of past and present authoritarian regimes. Life continues to be devalued and neighbor is turned against neighbor, under the propagandistic guise of personal safety.


The value of life and liberty has also become less important than the leftist religion of science. “Follow the science” has become “trust the science,” – or else.

In 2021, Rev. Anthony Fauci stated that all three vaccines are 100 percent effective against death and hospitalization.

In November 2022, just in time for Thanksgiving, The Washington Post ran the headline “Covid is no longer mainly a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” But, “trust the science” – or else.

One cannot forget the words of President Joe Biden, his “patience wearing thin,” when he said, “GET VACCINATED.” In his speech on September 9, 2021, he stated, “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” The goal, aids have said, “is to render being unvaccinated so burdensome that those who haven’t received shots will have little choice other than to get them.” The President of the United States threatened the liberties of American citizens and etched a dividing line between the very people he promised to unite, as well as a line between citizens and its government.

The dividing ruts grow deeper when Constitutional liberties continue to be threatened in all manner of ways.

One example is through a digital passport system. Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated in 2021 that the White House would not support a credentialing system. “The government is not now, nor will we be, supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential. There will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.”

Yet, circling back to this year’s G20 gathering in Bali on November 15-16, President Joe Biden signed a declaration that included support for proof of vaccinations for global travel. Point 23 of the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration highlights the federal government’s circumventing of the Constitution in favor of the WHO and “global digital health networks…building on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates.” Your personal liberty to move about freely is currently being decided by world leaders, and they were handed that power by the President of the United States and an administration who continue to ignore and denigrate the Constitution. Global politics continue to threaten the existence of sovereign nations and personal liberties in favor of a “global good.” 

A “New World Order,” openly discussed by world leaders, yet still deemed by some to be a “conspiracy theory,” is the modern framework for global politics. Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans discusses the development of an “individual carbon footprint tracker” on a World Economic Forum (WEF) panel on responsible consumption. “We are developing, through technology, the ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint.

What does that mean? Where they are traveling – how are they traveling? What are they eating? What are they consuming on the platform? So, individual carbon footprint tracker. Stay tuned. We don’t have it operational yet, but this is something that we are working on.” A new way of doing things. A New World Order. A conspiracy theory? “Stay tuned!”

Pursuit of Happiness

The “pursuit of happiness” was interrupted in March 2020 when China and co-conspirators released a manufactured, biological weapon on the world. Whether intentional or accidental, the truth has yet to be uncovered.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky), when referencing the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, states, “Given the committee’s duty to conduct oversight over the entire government, I remain hopeful that we will pursue a robust and bipartisan investigation into the origins of Covid.” Many have been shamed, ostracized, and cut off from society, livelihoods have been devastated, careers decimated, relationships destroyed, and last but certainly not least, lives have been lost and loved ones are left to endure and convey the horridly painful tale. Pursuit of happiness has been replaced by pursuit of survival against global authoritarianism.

Happiness, contentment, and peace are universally human dispositions and can only be achieved with a Moral Authority. In his book, Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis argued that “…in reality, moral rules are directions for running the human machine. Every moral rule is there to prevent a breakdown, or a strain, or a friction, in the running of that machine.” Without these “rules,” chaos ensues both personally and societally. Moral relativism becomes the religion itself, in one form or another, exhibited as atheism, science, LGBTQ+ and transgender ideology, the climate, and so on. Moral relativism implies that man decides; a submission to God as the one and only Moral Authority implies quite the opposite. By rejecting a Moral Authority, one is – by default – accepting and adhering to another form of religion with only himself at the center. Submission to the ultimate Law Giver is where order, peace, common sensibilities, happiness and contentment can be found, as the Founders understood and recorded for us and for posterity.

As stated in The Declaration of Independence, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are three “unalienable rights,” endowed by our Creator, and if there is any chance of success for conservatives and a new era for Republicans against the globalist agenda, they must return to the basic principles America was founded on, a government by the people, and for the people. In other words, “it’s the COUNTRY, Stupid.” Hang the sign, ink the political arm, internalize and change the message – before it’s too late.

Holly Abernathy is a communications and creative arts professional. She works in a variety of media and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, visit

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