Medical Choice: “Question Everything And Think For Yourself” With Dr. Robert Malone

[ Exclusive Interview with Dr. Robert Malone – Inventor Of Core mRNA Vaccine Technologies ]

Published September 3, 2021

Since the onset of the virus, we have been told to “trust the scientists” but who gets to pick the scientists we trust and why are so many being shut out of the conversation on medical health in the mainstream media, social media, government and corporations?

In this exclusive interview, renowned virologist and medical scientist Dr. Robert Malone M.D., inventor of the core mRNA vaccine technologies (including the idea of mRNA vaccines) and RNA transfection, answers this question and addresses the controversial topic of the effectiveness of masking.

In addition, Malone explains the differences between traditional vaccines and the COVID vaccines and shares the most recent data about the differences in break-through COVID cases and the need for critical care in both the vaccinated, unvaccinated and those who have contracted and recovered from the virus naturally. Malone also tackles the subject of medical freedom and gives his own advice for the prevention and treatment of the virus based upon his own research and observations.

This is an interview not to be missed!


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3 thoughts on “Medical Choice: “Question Everything And Think For Yourself” With Dr. Robert Malone

  • September 4, 2021 at 4:50 pm

    Dangerous Fad of using Children’s Gummy Bear like candy as Adult products. Sleep Aids, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, CBD, HEMP, MMJ, and supplements that to a toddler could be DEADLY? Not only is my FB bombarded with their ads, but they are in the grocery store. NO WARNING SIGNS UP EITHER. FDA NEVER SHOULD HAVE ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. LACK OF COMMONSENSE. A toddler would not know the difference. Dogs either. Cats are more picky.

    Are adults that Wimpy they can’t take a Pill? THE STUPIDITY OF THE FDA ASTOUNDS THIS 73 YEAR OLD FULLY RATIONAL WOMAN. Who raised 3 boys. Cared for my 3 yr old granddaughter. Till the 2nd Meniere’s Attack stole my hearing. No programs for Adults on communication, besides TXT and Chat. 1% of the Deaf use ASL, most read lips.

    KETO is just as BAD for GASTRO PATIENTS. For a Diabetic A carb is a carb, your body doesn’t know the difference if you are a Diabetic. Sugar the same way. Fruit vs candy. Doctors are Cookie Cutters now, not doctors.

    No one wants to hear about the Mal Practice of Pharma, FDA, or Doctors. It is the third leading cause of Deaths in the USA.

  • September 7, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    This is an excellent interview. People need to educate themselves about covid and the vaccines. Those that don’t continue to be led like sheep to the slaughterhouse. Wake up People!

  • November 30, 2021 at 3:50 am

    My daughter the Dr. recently gave my granddaughter the vaccinate. She is 6. I am against it. We just dont know enough to do this to children. And the stats say children are not as affected by Covid. I am not antivaccine. However, what research I have done worries me. As a RN of 35 plus years I never seen such push for a vaccine we know little about. Also it was done differently and I read this saved money..for the companies. After about 18 days after vaccine she- my grand daughter had symptons. She was playing this weekend when she stopped and started crying. Saying make the floor stop shaking. I looked down and her entire left leg was twitching and in tremors. I played the situation down since she was already crying. To my knowledge she has not received the second dose. Clearly to me she does not need to be getting a second dose. The tremors reminded me of Parkinson’s. I grabbed camera and recorded some of it. I only got part of the ankle in tremors. But this was scary. Sure I have seen a lot as a nurse over the years but when you put it on my family I get upset. As a physician my dtr is in a position where they expect her to follow the rules. She has only been a physician now about 3 yrs. But something is not right with all the media and press over this virus. They are not following the science. Oh I did get Covid this summer. Some stomach and diarrhea problems but got over it. So to push this so much causing panic and over stating the situation is unethical. Sure some ppl might get really ill. But dont we have sufficient care to help these ppl? Saying the ICU and CCU is 80% full. This is true almost all the time. I know I worked in them. The press is going overboard to get a story. But, stories you dont hear are the true horror stories. By leaving out the truth about the vaccine and its potential problems worries me. This is not right.


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