Pro-Israel Cardoza-Moore Reappointed To Expanded K-12 Curriculum Oversight Committee That Will Also Help Evaluate Library Books

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton has reappointed Laurie Cardoza-Moore to a three-year term on the state’s Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission. The commission evaluates and recommends textbooks and other instructional materials for local school systems.

Cardoza-Moore is one of three non-educators on the commission which was expanded this year to thirteen members. All members of the commission are appointed by the governor, and the speakers of the House and Senate and now includes two school librarians as voting members along with two directors of schools, one principal and other educators. The newly created state Library Coordinator will also sit on the commission as a non-voting member.


As a Williamson County resident, Cardoza-Moore has been fighting CRT in Tennessee public schools for a decade. Her Franklin-based nonprofit Proclaiming Justice to the Nations supports Israel and advocates against anti-Semitism. 

In her failed bid for the state House of Representatives, Cardoza-Moore advocated for “an educational system that teaches the time honored values that have made America exceptional.” A former homeschool mom to five children, Cardoza-Moore favors a classical approach to education that includes unbiased American history and Civics in K-12. She also believes that Tennessee must adopt age appropriate Holocaust education in public schools to guard against anti-Semitism.

The same legislation passed earlier this year that expanded the commission in size also gave it the authority to issue guidance for school districts and public charter schools to use when reviewing materials in their library collections. Guidelines to ensure that library materials are appropriate for the age and maturity levels of students will be made available no later than December 1, 2022, and will then be annually reviewed by the commission and updated if necessary.

The commission will be called on to assist in evaluating the appropriateness of materials in a school library collection if a student, parent, or school employee challenges or questions a resource in their school’s library submitting such material to review or appeal within their respective LEA. The commission may also be called upon to help school districts respond to complaints or with appeals of challenged materials that are being reviewed for age appropriateness. 


During her initial term, Cardoza-Moore’s work on the commission focused on math materials based on Tennessee’s adoption cycle for textbooks.

Next year, the state will begin reviewing curriculum for science, fine arts and wellness. In 2024, the commission’s focus will be on social studies and world languages.

In an interview with Chalkbeat Tennessee last week Cardoza-Moore stated, “Curriculum has to comply with state [academic] standards. I look to make sure it’s accurate and unbiased and reflects the values of Tennesseeans.”

Democrats who opposed Cardoza-Moore’s appointment last year have called her anti-Muslim and “unqualified” to serve. 

In a letter written to Cardoza-Moore last Tuesday, Speaker Sexton said, “I am confident that you will perform the duties of office with the high standard of professionalism, dedication, and integrity that the citizens of Tennessee deserve and expect of their public servants.”

About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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