Sexton’s Residency, Sexual Scandal & Transparency In Government – Interview With Judd Legum

Here at the Tennessee Conservative, we report the truth – even when we’d rather not. And, we have old-fashioned conversations with people about ideas – even when they are across the aisle.

Judd Legum is on the opposite side of the political tracks, yet we agree on something: Political leaders and their families should work, live & be educated in the districts they represent. Otherwise, anyone could rent a broom closet in any district and claim residency without living life with their constituents.

Legum’s recent reporting, complete with proper sourcing, raises serious questions about GOP House Leader Cameron Sexton’s residency. We also discuss the legal machinations of Scotty Campbell’s recent resignation, Sexton’s handling of the situation and what it says about the working environment in the Cordell Hull building.

It’s hard to ask tough questions… and occasionally unpleasant to hear the answers.

Yet, the truth is a powerful disinfectant.

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One thought on “Sexton’s Residency, Sexual Scandal & Transparency In Government – Interview With Judd Legum

  • May 4, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    You know it sounds like Mr Sexton needs to come clean with several things. Quit lying and tell the truth.
    He’s a typical politician. Says a lot when running for office and then never does what he says.


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