Tennesseans Are Better Off With Passage Of Comprehensive Medical Freedom Bill

Photo and Video Credit: Representative Jason Zachary / Facebook

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

In an update on Representative Jason Zachary’s Facebook page posted yesterday, Zachary hit the high points of what the new COVID legislation does for Tennesseans.

The COVID protection that passed the  Tennessee General Assembly early Saturday morning is the “most extensive COVID bill passed in the nation,” according to Zachary.

Zachary stated that no other state has come close to passing a bill as comprehensive of all things related to COVID as has now been passed in the Volunteer state.

“Tennesseans are better off once this is signed, than we were before it passed, without question,” Zachary said.

Zachary walks through the legislation in the video:


One thought on “Tennesseans Are Better Off With Passage Of Comprehensive Medical Freedom Bill

  • November 3, 2021 at 1:15 am

    So my wife’s company makes its money via Medicare but she works from home and never sees a patient or goes into an office. Because her company is paid with federal dollars her company can encroach on her free will and privacy, violate her Hippa rights and force her to determine vaccinated or unvaccinated and fire her for not being vaccinated. This is unbelievable. No one has our backs. We pay taxes but no one has our back. It’s ridiculous. Why do we pay taxes for this kaka? I want my money back!


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