TennCon’s BIG 7 Weekend Digest… July 30, 2021

Published July 30, 2021

We’ve gone through all of the News Stories we’ve covered this week and picked our top 7!

Watch Brandon break it down for you below!

🧏 Conservatives Will Protest Against Bill Lee At Chattanooga GOP Event  
Mayor Kelly Orders Chattanooga Community Centers Remain Closed  
👨‍✈️Tennessee Man Dies Of Heart Attack Due To Swatting 
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🏦Hundreds Of Lawmakers Ask SCOTUS To Overturn Roe V Wade  
😷Critics Denounce New CDC Guidelines Urging Mask Usage, Vaccine Or Not 
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💸Lawsuit Seeks To Reinstate Federal Unemployment Benefits In TN  
📲New Legislation Introduced To End Govt Collusion With Big Tech 

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One thought on “TennCon’s BIG 7 Weekend Digest… July 30, 2021

  • July 30, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    We did not vote for Lee and now are happy we did not. He has been bought by his big time donors to do their well ans not the will of the hard working middle class. They are the sector who keeps this state going but have the least say in our government. We live in America. The greatest country on this planet and we want it to stay that way. Our corrupt government has been hijacked by the democrats in Congresa and those who were paid to help them sabotage the election. There are zero democrats with one ounce of integrity or truthfulness in them. Their agenda is to kill America and start a socialist country like all the rest of the world with the exception of Israel. God help America to reverse this the damage that has been done by the anti American democrats and racist BLM and Antifa. I wonder where the blacks would be now if they had stayed in Africa 5o start with. Probably not as well off as they are here in America. Look at Africa now. It is a bloodbath but they can always go back and make a difference there if they are unhappy in America. No one will.stop them for sure.


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