Congressman Rose Encourages Wilson County Republicans To Fight For Freedom & Liberty

Photo Credit: Paula Gomes

The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

U.S. Representative for Tennessee John Rose (Cookeville – District 6) still stands behind his 2020 slogan: Take Tennessee values to Washington and get Washington out of Tennessee.

Congressman Rose told a packed house of Wilson County Conservative Republicans, over the weekend, that there is a reason that Tennessee is growing. People are voting with their feet, particularly those from California, for the Freedom and Liberty that are found in our state.

Rose made some remarks regarding the recent redistricting. He will lose more than half of Wilson County now that the maps have been redrawn to split Nashville between three districts.

He said the General Assembly has done their work carefully and he doesn’t anticipate any “fruitless” legal challenges and pointed out that some Wilson County voters will now have the opportunity to weigh in on who leads District 5. A Republican has not held that seat since 1875.

Rose reported that Republican recruitment of candidates is well ahead of where the party was in 2020 and that polling data shows a dramatic shift in the last year in those who identify as Republican. Those who were on the fence in 2020 and voted for Biden are “extremely disappointed.” Rose said, “The mood of the country is with us… the stars are aligning.” 

Nevertheless, he urged his audience not to take anything for granted as redistricting has made two districts less safe in terms of electing a Republican candidate, in the hopes of picking up a third Republican seat. 


Rose shared that he and his colleagues take turns on the House floor on a weekly basis to remind the nation of the serious issues the country is facing under President Biden’s leadership.  “We have an economic crisis, an energy crisis, a border crisis, an education crisis, a crime crisis… a national security crisis.” Rose said that he believes the answer to many of these issues is “a broadsword… to chop the federal government down to size.”

Rose also warned that, “Voting rights reform is an attempt to federalize our elections.” Rose remarked that the filibuster and two Democratic senators (Manchin and Synema) are all that stand against the Democratic plan to “usurp our elections.” 

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He went on to say that some of his Democratic colleagues believe that they are doing poorly in polls because more moderate Democrats like Senator Manchin of West Virginia won’t fully buy into their progressive agenda. This same agenda, he said, has found its way into our colleges and even into K-12 schools and he urged those in attendance to fight against teachings on “equity” that he called “worse than racism.” Rose said, “We must be vigilant.” 

“Equity is not equality,” said Rose. “It is Jim Crow.” This statement was greeted by robust applause from black attendee, Tony Roberts, a member of the Williamson County Republican party who works in Wilson County. “Equity is liberal word play,” continued Rose. “And we cannot allow it in our educational system.”

Announcing his intention to seek re-election to District 6, the congressman said it was his “great honor” to serve the people of Wilson County in “this elegant system of federalism.” Paraphrasing the quote often attributed to Thomas Jefferson, Rose reminded his fellow conservatives that “the price of liberty is eternal vigilance” and that all who were in attendance have “a role to play.”

About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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