Got Twitter? I STILL Can’t Believe It, My Trip to Nashville, Cameron Sexton for Governor? (Op-Ed)

By Brandon Lewis [Founder of The Tennessee Conservative] –

I’m writing this in a hell-fire hurry, so I apologize for typos, a scattered train of thought, etc.

It’s my busiest time of of year at the APPC (my paying company)

Up until a few months ago, the Tennessee Conservative was the most powerful news source on social media in the state of Tennessee.

Due to social media censorship, we’ve been turned down to less than 10% of our previous reach on Facebook – where most Conservatives keep up with friends and family.

So, I’d like to ask you to follow us on Twitter by clicking this link for two reasons:

(if you do not have a Twitter account, no need to reply)

ALSO click the “alert-bell-button” on our profile that says “all tweets” under account notifications… this way you will not miss a thing!

Reason #1 – A lot of our RINO state legislators take to Twitter to defend their left-leaning positions on legislation and I need YOU there to help me hold them accountable in public… where they fear Twitter blow-back from their friends in the liberal press for taking Conservative action.

Reason #2 – At least for now, there seems to be a revival of free speech on that platform. I’ll give it a shot.

Please click here to follow us on Twitter and consider setting up an account if you do not have one.

Also, make sure you follow our coverage on the Social Media Censorship Prevention bill being carried by Rep. Dennis Powers and Senator Bo Watson. We have a real chance to see this bill pass this session… and we’ll keep an eye on those who oppose it.

On another note…

Last week, I spoke at two Conservative groups: Moms for Liberty in Williamson County and the Hamilton County Conservatives.

These events were either at full capacity or standing-room only.

As I spoke with people, I could not believe it.

There were folks, I kid you not, who drove 3 and 4 hours to hear… me.

Yes, me. Speak about a more Conservative state and local government… at a time when 95% of Tennesseans could not tell you one thing that happened in the legislature last session.

Frankly, I don’t know how to process that. It seems, after 2 plus years of consistent effort, we have awakened people like you, my friend.

Not just to awareness, but action!

You are awake to the fact that our GOP leadership is simply democrat-lite… funded from the same corporate pocket-books as the democrats in Washington, DC. and led by the nose by the same self-serving lobbyists.

It is my opinion that people are waking up… and that we may have some reinforcements on Capitol hill.

My Trip to Nashville

Last week, I also got to play “mail boy” at the Cordell Hull building.

I arrived, made nice with the security folks, procured a mail cart from the basement, and delivered “Freedom Caucus Awards” to the tried and true Conservatives.

Luckily, I was able to meet with several legislators up there for a few good conversations and to drop off notes for another half-dozen or so Conservatives.

I was not stabbed or accosted. Admittedly, I encountered no horned beasts as I roamed the corridors.

Though our merry band of Conservatives are far and few between in the General Assembly, they know they have the primary voters on their side and they are willing to make the RINOs go on record for killing good, freedom-loving legislation.

In survey after survey, primary voters ask for one policy and are often given the exact opposite policy…Many GOP incumbents are very, very vulnerable because of their liberal records. All a challenger has to do is tell the truth to the primary voters – even if they are underfunded.

And, once we have the Conservative Candidates Academy up and running, we’ll be able to do just that – as efficiently and effectively as in my days of old working on campaigns.

If we cannot win through good legislation this term, though I feel we can, we will have gathered one more year of ammunition for contrast messaging for real, conservative primary challengers.

I look forward to it either way…

Cameron Sexton for Governor?

You can tell a lot about a Speaker based upon who he chooses for leadership. Sexton has chosen one of the most anti-school choice candidates in TN in Mark White to Chair the Education Committee.

You can assume they share the same values. Sexton has been opposed to allowing you to have school choice for your tax dollars in the past.

Sexton has been in charge of educational performance for some time as manager of the house. The performance has been drop-dead dreadful. Kids can’t read or write anywhere near grade level in TN.

They cannot go to school without being indoctrinated, bullied or badgered for living out their parents’ beliefs.

School boards do not listen to the concerns of parents nor do the liberal teachers in the classroom.

For some reason, GOP leadership thinks they own your tax dollars.

They want to virtue signal with small, meaningless school choice reforms while kids languish in failing schools… as the irreparable damage is done – never to be undone.

Do they care? I cannot say they do based upon their actions.

Our kids suffer every day they are held captive in the travesty that is Tennessee’s public education system. If the safety and prosperity of children will not motivate them, I see little that will aside from the 2024 primary elections.

Words are cheap. And words seem to be all we will get from White or Sexton unless there is an about-face coming this session.

When you think of who you want to support for Governor, the management of Tennessee’s largest expenditure has to be on the tip-top of your list.

In this regard, Sexton’s choice of White and the legislative record of the House lead me to only one conclusion: He’s not governor material at present.

Maybe for corporate interests he would serve just fine – but not for our most vulnerable constituency – the kids trapped in failing schools.

I cannot support someone who wants the status quo for the government job factory vs. the educational outcome for TN kids and parents. Your choice is your own…

Bill Lee pledged “real school choice” when he ran… I voted for him based on that promise (and the other ten promises he made, 9 of which have not been fulfilled)

My kids have ZERO school choice. Zero. Goose-Egg.

This is, apparently, just another lie told on the campaign trail to low information voters with short memories.

You, my friend, are not one of those voters…

THANK YOU! Our Year-End Campaign…

For those of you who supported our year-end campaign, I wanted to say THANK YOU!

I was amazed at the outpouring of generosity from our dedicated readers.

The few, the mighty.

Those who find their money and their mouth pinging the same GPS coordinates…

We ARE making a difference – with your help!

Click here to chip in if you are inclined to support TN’s only Conservative news outlet (while you can.)

We will need ALL the help we can get this legislative session to cut through the smoke, mirrors and utter B.S. that will be put forth by RINOs hoping to sneak-in bad legislation…

And kill the good bills in the womb.

Thanks for standing with me!

2 thoughts on “Got Twitter? I STILL Can’t Believe It, My Trip to Nashville, Cameron Sexton for Governor? (Op-Ed)

  • January 12, 2023 at 6:21 pm

    I am relatively new to TN, but have ALWAYS been a strong Constitutional conservative, and was a grassroots activist for many years in Virginia. I met Mr. Sexton one time, in person, and could smell the RINO coming from him as I tried to engage him in a thought about election integrity in TN. Not impressed, but we DO: need a good Gov. to replace Mr. Lee.

  • January 13, 2023 at 1:33 pm

    Cameron Sexton will certainly have the support of the Chamber of Commerce if he decides to run for governor but will he? Right now he has a lot of power as House Speaker and he has no term limits. He has been Speaker long enough that it tells us that the majority of those in the Republican caucus should know his traits and that tells us that they are not real conservatives either. Shame on him and shame on them.


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