Group That Ran Chattanooga Illegal Alien Center Owes Almost $3M In Unpaid Rent

Photo:  “La Case De Sidney” at 1914 Vance Avenue, Chattanooga

The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

Redemption to the Nations church in Chattanooga has sued the company they leased the property to that became the shelter for illegal alien minors for nearly $3 Million in unpaid rent.

According to the lawsuit, the old Tennessee Temple Dormitory in Chattanooga on 1914 Vance Avenue was leased to a Miami, Florida-based company called “Progressive Investments Group, LLC” in 2019 and then sublet to McDonough, Georgia-based Baptiste Group

The property was used by the Baptiste Group to run an illegal immigrant shelter for unaccompanied alien children (UACs) under contract from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The lawsuit states that the contract sublet the property to the Baptiste Group for a period of six years with the condition that they would pay rent in the amount of $40,000 per month in addition to a monthly fee of $1,200.

According to the lawsuit, this means that they owe $2.88 million dollars to the church over the term of the lease agreement.

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Also, the lawsuit states that in early October of 2021, Redemption to the Nations church issued a summons and detainer warrant, suing the Baptiste Group and Progessive Investments Group for three months of unpaid rent and ownership of the property.

NewsChannel 9 reports that the case has been moved from local to federal court, but the lawyers representing the Baptiste Group and Redemption to the Nations church are debating whether to bring the case back to local court.

WTVC/NewsChannel 9 also got their hands on a copy of the lawsuit which can be viewed HERE.


Responding to the NewsChannel 9 report on the story posted on Facebook, Chattanooga resident Jack Sokohl said, “The ‘church’ stood to haul in big money but thanks to a citizen journalist who filmed the illegal alien children (footage went internationally viral) at the Chattanooga airport, the scheme fell apart. This lawsuit is another desperation hail Mary effort to pocket some of that child trafficking cash.”

Amber Coleman said, “Sounds like the shelter employees are accused of sexually assaulting minors and the church is using this opportunity of unpaid rent to shut it down.”

Following the temporary suspension of the Baptiste Group’s license to operate the shelter for UACs in early July 2021 by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, Tennessee administrative law judge Phillip Hilliard ruled to revoke the license of the Baptiste Group.

The suspension and closure of the facility came in response to a routine, surprise inspection of the facility by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services that led to the discovery of runaways from the facility and at least three instances of sexual battery against the minors housed there by employees


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  • January 12, 2022 at 12:36 am

    What did you expect after doing business with the devil? Did you think you would be protected, Esther? Did you think because you were siding with free money from the feds for an illegal operation you would be saved? Welcome to a good reality check.


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