New Tennessee Education Leader Supports Dialogue Regarding “Institutional Racism And Implicit Bias.”

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) recently defended the hiring of California transplant Rachael Maves after a Commissioner on the Tennessee Textbook & Instructional Materials Quality Commission called for an investigation into her appointment as new Chief of Preparation and Performance for TDOE. 

Laurie Cardoza-Moore said in a news release that “Rachael Maves comes to Tennessee with a controversial history of being a key proponent of California’s racist ‘Math Framework’ overhaul, a concept that holds students back regardless of talent or ability in favor of ‘equity,’ rather than individual excellence.” 

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Maves was allegedly hired because she “strongly aligns” with Governor Bill Lee and Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn’s vision for educational excellence. A concerned Tennessee citizen alerted The Tennessee Conservative to a video hosted by the California Department of Education that Maves shared on her personal Facebook page last June. It seems Maves also aligns with organizations such as the National Equity Project whose mission is to “transform the experiences, outcomes, and life options for children and families who have been historically underserved by our institutions and systems.” 

In the introduction of the live video, the “virtual student support circle” was described as a platform to discuss the “very important issue of institutional racism and implicit bias.” Guest speaker and California Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris claimed that “dismantling the structures of systemic racism” was “critically important.” She also stated that the dehumanization of racism “leads to more deaths of black and brown people from COVID-19.” 

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Maves has stated, “In no way do I believe that math is racist, nor do I believe that advanced math coursework should be abolished.”

Watch the video HERE.


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    I guess past performance has no bearing.


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