Rep. Todd Warner On The 2nd Amendment In Tennessee – TFA Podcast

Image Credit: State Representative Todd Warner / Facebook & images compiled from the Public Domain

-By John Harris [Tennessee Firearms Association] and The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

The Tennessee Firearms Association is releasing interviews with State Legislative members regarding the status of the 2nd Amendment in Tennessee and the 2022 Legislative session.

Beginning in December 2021, TFA began releasing interviews of members of the Tennessee Legislature on the status of the 2nd Amendment in Tennessee.  On January 13, 2022, TFA released the interview by TFA’s Richard Archie with Tennessee House of Representatives member Todd Warner (R-Chapel Hill).   

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TFA has already released interviews with Rep. Clay Doggett, Rep. Chris Todd and Rep. Jay Reedy. 

TFA is working with other legislators who are eager to participate in these interviews to set them up as quickly as possible to allow them to speak to the concerned citizens of Tennessee about the continuing Second Amendment issues in Tennessee.  The response has been very positive so far with only one state legislator who has refused to participate in the interviews.


This is an opportunity to increase awareness among voters concerning how the legislators, at least those who participate, feel about the 2nd Amendment, what they understand it to mean, and their thoughts on what still needs to be done to fully remove infringements on the rights protected by the 2nd Amendment from government encroachment. 

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2022 is a huge year for gun owners in Tennessee.  We have a legislative session in the near term which will need to address topics such as actually trying to pass REAL constitutional carry (not merely another defense to a criminal charge like they did in 2021).  More significantly, given the last 12 years, we also have a statewide election in which all House members are up for re-election and 1/2 of the Senate will be up.   With all of this activity, 2nd Amendment issues will be a major consideration for voters in 2022.


About the Author: John Harris is the Executive Director of The Tennessee Firearms Association. You can contact TFA here. You can join TFA here.

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