Sexton & McNally Call for Special Session on Medical Freedom! – TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Digest

Watch the Big 7️⃣ Weekend Digest!

🚨 Sexton & McNally Call for Special Session on Medical Freedom – Ford Corporate Welfare Plan Sets Stage

*26 Governors Call On Biden To End Border Crisis…

*Knox Kids Isolated, Segregated For Refusing Masks

*Right To Life Group Responds To Planned Parenthood Rally With Prayer

*Segregated TN Kids In School Isolation Mistreated, Not Receiving Proper Education

*Federal Judges Rule Against Lee’s Student Mask Order In Williamson, Knox CountiesSlatery Appeals

*New Polling On Biden’s Federal Mandate Shows Majority Of Americans Think Non-Compliant Workers Should Not Lose Jobs

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2 thoughts on “Sexton & McNally Call for Special Session on Medical Freedom! – TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Digest

  • October 2, 2021 at 4:27 pm

    Watched replay from Rockwood, Roane County, TN. Thank you so much for your hard work on behalf of Tennesseans!! This is my most reliable source for truth about what is really happening in our state.
    Two of my grandchildren are students at West Hills Elementary in Knoxville. This week has been extremely stressful for them and their parents! The first day the children were placed in isolation (what my 6 year old grandson told me is “the room where they put the kids who get in trouble”), were handed packets of papers and told to do their work, not allowed out for lunch in the cafeteria or for recess even though no masks were being worn by the other children during these times. Their lunch was brought to them in the room. A jail of sorts. So what is the message being sent to these children? The school has since relented on allowing them out for recess. Not even touching on how their education is suffering, with no in-person instruction. They are already behind from last year! So, my 8 year old granddaughter decided she was willing to wear a mask so she could attend class with her teacher and her friends. Her parents allowed her to make that decision. She has said she’s gotten in trouble a couple of times when she pulled her mask down so she could breathe. Both of these children have asthma, btw. The parents are currently searching for affordable options for private school and have a meeting scheduled Monday to that end. It may very well be the best thing for the children, but that isn’t the point as you well know. We do need school choice!! I know I’ve rambled here, but this is all so upsetting! I can’t believe this is America…
    Thanks again. I truly appreciate your work!

  • October 2, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    Watching from rural East Tennessee, near Chattanooga.


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