The DOJ And FBI Only Arrest Pro-Life Advocates (Op-ed)

Aristotle Told Us, “No Man Is Above Or Below The Law.” With Growing Violence Towards Reproductive Health Centers, In 1994 Congress Enacted The Freedom Of Access To Clinic Entrances Act, (FACE) Which Prohibits Violent Or Threatening Conduct Against Those Obtaining Reproductive Health Services. This Is Not Only For Abortion Clinics But Pregnancy Centers Too. Yet The LEFT Only Protects Abortion Supporters!

This Is Politics At Its Very Worst. Biden And His Administration Are Openly Enforcing The FACE Act Against Pro-Life Protesters While They Watch Pregnancy Centers Burn To The Ground And Their Patients Assaulted By Abortion Advocates. To The Left, Lady Justice Is No Longer Blind. With The Midterms Underway, Voters Must Elect Candidates That Will Guarantee All Americans Have Access To Equal Justice.

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FBI Charges Multiple Individuals For Peaceful Protests At Abortion Facility In Mt. Juliet

As Part Of A “Rescue” In March Of 2021, A Group Of Individuals Committed To Saving The Lives Of Pre-Born Children Visited The Carafem Abortion Center In Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. They Have Now Been Indicted For Conspiracy And FACE Act Violations.

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