TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Digest… 7 BIG Tennessee Stories You Need to Hear!

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#1 – Tennessee House Lacks Transparency According To Investigation Read it here – https://bit.ly/3yeyczM

#2 – Acquired Immunity Bill Passes Into Tennessee Law Without Governor’s Signature – Read it here – https://bit.ly/3P5ssyn

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#3 – Tennessee’s Trigger Law Could Ban Most Abortions If Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade – Read it here – https://bit.ly/3wdxiRi

#4 – Starbuck Sues Tennessee GOP And Election Officials Over Removal From The District 5 Ballot – Read it here – https://bit.ly/3shq11Y

#5 – Governor Lee Suspends Executions To Allow for Independent Review Of Lethal Injection – Read it here – https://bit.ly/3LWQwkU

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#6 – TN Legislature Reaches Agreement On Campaign Finance Reporting Bill – Read it here – https://bit.ly/3MVr9jp

#7 – Governor Lee Signs Several Acts Into Law – Read it here – https://bit.ly/37qHi1m & https://bit.ly/3w2TWvy & https://bit.ly/3vPKwoi

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