DCS Child Abuse, Campaign Lies, Taxpayer Abuse, Stagnant Scores, Two More Years Of Winter & More! – The TennCon Big 7!

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The Stories –

• Tennessee DCS Given One More Year To Get Their Act Together After Audit Finds Children In State Custody Sexually Abused Or Harassed – https://bit.ly/3Wm67PF

• Tennessee Right To Life Revokes Endorsement Of Senator Richard Briggs – https://bit.ly/3HJiO31

• Vanderbilt Survey Says TN Republican Voters Prefer DeSantis Over Trump And Support Weakening Of Abortion Law – https://bit.ly/3FWwPcn

• Tennessee GOP Chairman Reelected Despite Call For More Conservative Leadership – https://bit.ly/3V0Pw2X

• Pork Report Says $1 Million Plus A Year Of Tax Dollars Spent To Fund Lobbying Efforts – https://bit.ly/3FvZNhJ

• TDOE Report Shows State ACT Scores Remain Stagnant – https://bit.ly/3BDteNT

• Tennessee Tech Professors First Amendment Case Against University Dismissed- https://bit.ly/3WoSsr1

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