TN’s Education Czar Steps Down, Sexual Harassment Hush Money, Excuses For Denied Manifesto, U.S. Govt Sues TN For Not Mutilating Kids & Much More! The TennCon Big 7!

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The Stories –

1) Schwinn To Step Down From Tennessee Education Commissioner Role, Replacement Cut From Very Similar Cloth –

1A) Research Indicates New Tennessee Education Commissioner Is Product Of Woke Organizations, Soros/Gates Funding Initiatives –

2) U.S. Government Suing Tennessee To Stop New Law That Protects Children From Life Altering Medical Consequences –

3) Thousands Of Taxpayer Dollars Spent To “Fix” Legislator’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Violation –

4) Metro Police Department Postpones Release of Covenant School Shooter’s “Manifesto” –

5) Gov. Lee Signs Bill Into Law That Could Criminalize Parents Based On Anonymous Allegations Of Abuse Or Neglect –

6) ETSU Doubles Down On Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Efforts After Acknowledging Lack Of Positive Outcomes –

7) Law Eliminating Education Exception For Obscene Books In K-12 Schools Signed By Governor –

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