Sexton, McNally Call Special Session On Medical Freedom

The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn]-

On Friday, October 1st, House Speaker Cameron Sexton and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally released a joint statement proclaiming their intent to call a Special Session to address issues surrounding COVID-19.

Tennessee Capitol Building in Nashville

“The Ford megasite deal is transformational for Tennessee, and we look forward to working with Gov. Lee to finalize this project as part of his special session call for Ford Motor Company. At the same time, we have heard from many Tennesseans seeking relief from burdensome Covid-19 mandates being imposed upon them. We are working together per our state constitution to call an additional special session upon the completion of the megasite session to address issues surrounding Covid -19,” the statement said.

Governor Bill Lee previously announced on Thursday, September 30th that he was calling a Special Session specifically to address funding, buildout and oversight for the Ford Motor Company Regional Megasite to be located in Memphis continuing to ignore the pleas of Tennessee Patriots to call a Special Session to address mandates, executive orders, and dangerous edicts coming from the Federal Government.

This special session, Lee said, will not discuss mask mandates in the state’s schools stating “While we have business to do in the legislature, we will continue to stand up for parents in court.  I am renewing my mask opt out order [and] will work with the [attorney general] to challenge the federal rulings that inappropriately legislated from the bench.”

On Friday, The Tennessee Conservative announced on social media Sexton and McNally’s intent to call an additional Special Session.  Here is just a sampling of the comments the announcement received from our readers.

Ronnie Deaux said, “It’s sad that it takes time to do that. How many people have to risk their life and health by being forced to take an unwanted injection? How many will choose health and lose their job, being left unable to care for and feed their family? Isn’t this a serious emergency?”

Amy Reynolds said, “Getting closer to what we want to hear but the megasite comes after mandates!”

“I should not have to beg our Legislation to Defend us!!!!!!!!  Next year is election year for these RINO Officials and we should clean them out and start over. Verify new Conservative Candidates and vote for new members of our Legislation,” Bill Crawford said.

Many warn that the legislature needs to expedite the process to defend the medical freedoms of Tennesseans.

Joshua Boulee said, “They need to hurry. Tyson has a lot of employees that will get the axe on Nov 1 if they don’t block employer mandates!”

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Others state that their places of employment have not yet mandated the vaccine, but will most likely do so in the near future.

Robert Moreland reports, “I have not had to compromise in this way yet however, I work for a small eye care clinic. Our doctor has told us that while he would like us to be vaccinated he has a moral objection to mandating anyone put something in their body that they don’t want to. That being said he did tell us the other day that since about 40% of our revenue comes from Medicare if the mandate does stick he will have no other choice but to comply with it. He did mention that he would extend to whatever last minute deadline was laid down. He has offered those of us who have not been jabbed about a week worth of PTO as encouragement to get it.”

About the Author: Jason Vaughn, Media Coordinator for The Tennessee Conservative  ~ Jason previously worked for a legacy publishing company based in Crossville, TN in a variety of roles through his career.  Most recently, he served as Deputy Directory for their flagship publication. Prior, he was a freelance journalist writing articles that appeared in the Herald Citizen, the Crossville Chronicle and The Oracle among others.  He graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor’s in English-Journalism, with minors in Broadcast Journalism and History.  Contact Jason at

8 thoughts on “Sexton, McNally Call Special Session On Medical Freedom

  • October 4, 2021 at 4:02 pm

    Any peaceful protests being planned at TN Capitol during the October 18th special session? For the purpose of begging our reps to call the special session concerning mandated ASAP?

  • October 4, 2021 at 4:34 pm

    I am yet another Tennesseean facing similar backlash and discrimination against my medical rights. I have a medical exemption and my employer is threatening no severance, no unemployment benefits and termination by 12/8 if I don’t comply. How do Americans fight against this injustice and discrimination?

    Please stand up for our rights!

  • October 4, 2021 at 5:51 pm

    Just wait and see . The RINOs will stab us in the back like they always do. Just take note on which Republicans doesn’t support medical freedom AND stop tyranny from having to take the poison clot shot . I’ll guarantee you that if it were their health and income on the line they would have already acted.
    I find it interesting that all of a sudden McNally is for a called meeting to discuss protecting citizens against the communist medical tyranny. What took him so long ? I wonder if his heart is really with those who elected him in the first place. They call a meeting to take care of the ” Woke ” Car corporation but neglected their own constituents. Now they say they may want to hear about our rights after attending to corporate interests. Note also that our RINO Governor is still ignoring protecting our health and jobs.

    • October 5, 2021 at 4:46 pm

      I keep blasting the TN RINO’s on social media and everyone should do the same. Get the word out! Unfortunately many people still are not paying attention to what is going on here!

  • October 4, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    The “Democrats” have become the modern day various of “Nazis”, only worse.

    They murder babies like the Nazis murdered Jews, but even the Nazis didn’t condone the “Sexual perversion” we’re seeing from the Democrats.

    Don’t anyone remember “Sodom and Gomorrah”???

    You can write letters, sign petitions, Demonstrate in the street, Pray to God, but “NOBODY”, not even “GOD” is going to listen and do what you want “UNTIL YOU” take back the management of “YOUR GOVERNMENT”,

    Even if it’s at the “POINT OF A GUN”, and make no mistake about it, that is the only way you will regain control of this government.

    If you haven’t got the “GUT” to fight for your Freedoms/Country, then


  • October 5, 2021 at 4:57 am

    Gov. Lee needs to stop mandatory vaccines in the state of Tennessee. Will only hurt individuals by losing their jobs. Deplete our hospitals of needed staff & hurt our military. I’m an RN & have worked for 45 yrs. We used protective equipment for years against tuberculosis, HIV/Aides & other illness without problems. I will not take the vaccine. I’ve had COVID! Mandates are wrong!

  • October 7, 2021 at 2:39 pm

    I was one of 19 terminated from my job on Oct 5th for failure to receive the vaccine. The majority of us requested a religious exemption and were offered 30 days to either find a new position or take the vaccine. This was considered a “reasonable accommodation” by our former employer and as far as I know no one was offered anything different. We were offered no mercy or compassion and there was no real “interactive process” or offer of a “reasonable accommodation”. In fact, we were used as propaganda for the rest who might “offer resistance”.

    • October 8, 2021 at 5:48 pm

      You should out the employer so people can boycott them. The time to stand up is now!


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