Tennesseans Are Concerned About Mandates, Federal Actions & State Rights [ Interview with Representative Clay Doggett ]

We have gone through a very odd 18 months in the state of Tennessee. The loss of liberty and freedom in the state has had a dramatic impact on business, employment and education.

In this interview with Clay Doggett, State Representative for District 70, we discuss how Conservatives feel about the current state of affairs in our state and what citizens can do to affect change.

We also discuss the 10th Amendment and nullification and delve into why state lawmakers are so willing to relinquish Tennessee’s powers to the Federal Government and why have we never seen nullification used when blatantly unconstitutional mandates or laws enacted.

In addition, we discuss the legal challenges the recent permitless carry bill is facing and the letter Doggett just released on ATF rule changes.


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Yours in Freedom,

-Brandon Lewis, Founder of The Tennessee Conservative

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One thought on “Tennesseans Are Concerned About Mandates, Federal Actions & State Rights [ Interview with Representative Clay Doggett ]

  • September 22, 2021 at 4:08 pm

    Great interview Brandon! It’s good to hear from lawmakers and elected officials who can speak to a variety of issues.
    I’ve read a little on nullification, pro and con. Pro seems to says this is our best way of pushing back on government overreach. Con says, yes, it’s in the Constitution but it’s to hard to enact.
    I would think, if it’s in the Constitution, it’s there for a reason. Why not find out what the Founders had it put there for? If preventing government overreach is a legitimate reason to enforce this amendment, why not not determine how a state can begin enforcing it?
    I’ve got an idea! Why not call a special session to explore this idea! Maybe, begin talking about what “pushing back”, would look like!
    Nah, probably can’t fund raise of the idea. Rather wait until it’s to late to do anything useful and then ask for money and votes!


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