The Democrat’s Kamala Conundrum

When Harris Was Chosen As Biden’s VP There Was A Panic Media-Blitz To Remake Her. Media Hid Her Companionship With Willie Brown, Her Defiance Of Authority, Non-Compliance With The Courts And Her Support For Radical Left Laws. And No Major Media Outlet Vetted Her Background Or Her Qualifications.  Democrats Went To Extremes To Shelter Kamala Harris And Protect Her From Everything That Could Taint Her Image.  

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Photo: Vice President Kamala Harris

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Published June 24, 2021

Exclusive Editorial for The Tennessee Conservative

By William Haupt III [Tennessee Watchdog Journalist, Columnist, Author, and Citizen Legislator] –

“In government it is not uncommon for people to except those in the most high profile positions who have risen to their highest level of incompetence.” (Laurence J. Peter) 

Since the former Gold Coast became a progressive Shangri la, Republicans are such a rare breed the Office of Historic Protection will declare them an endangered species. The left coast legalized sex change surgery for convicts, transgender bathrooms and weed. They passed assisted suicide, abortion for all, open borders and de-funded police. They’re now the farm system for the new DNC. 

Until the U.S. socialist revolution, leftist candidates didn’t look fondly on California’s lunatic political leaders as models for America. When Democrats made default winner, Joe Biden, the surrogate stepfather for Kamala Harris, they revealed their intent to clone America into a national California. 

In 2017, Harris reiterated the left’s talking points verbatim. She pitched wealth redistribution, LGBTQ rights, climate change, gun control, and doubling the minimum wage. By 2020 she added the evils of whiteness, de-funding police, reparations, racism, and taking away all private health insurance. 

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Once an aggressive DA, Harris is now a progressive VP. Since being chosen Biden’s sidekick she never fails to mention she is black. But growing up in Montreal she classified herself as Caribbean. Most recently she claims, “I’m the first Black-Indian woman in history to become a vice president.” 

Harris is an opportunist and supports what benefits her. She advanced in California politics aided by her “dating relationship” with CA Assembly Speaker Willie Brown. She was 29 when she met Willie Brown who was 60. Brown was still married but now claims he was estranged from his wife. 

Brown, a womanizer, told the San Francisco Chronicle, he’d show up at parties with both his wife and a girlfriend. “Kamala was my favorite.” He appointed Harris to the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and Medical Assistance Commission, earning over $400,000 in five years for part time work. The Weekly revealed Brown not only gave Harris positions but gifts including a BMW.

Least we forget, Harris chastised Justice Kavanaugh for “alleged immoral behavior as a youth?”  

The SF Weekly reported when Brown was mayor of San Francisco and under investigation for “pay to play politics”, Harris said “he became a liability.” She ended their relationship claiming it hindered her career. Brown told the Chronicle when Harris was running for DA of San Francisco she told him “I’ll even indict you for jaywalking when I’m the DA!” Brown sighed, “Ya know, that’s politics for ya.” 

Harris, as San Francisco prosecutor describes herself as a “progressive prosecutor that was more lenient and fair”. But her record doesn’t reflect that. She was known to be abusive and refused to back down even when over ruled by the courts. Politico branded Harris “ruthless” when Democrats urged her to embrace criminal justice reform as a state attorney general and Harris refused them. 

As San Francisco’s DA in 2010 Harris withheld information about a police laboratory tech who stole drugs to be tested. When a memo to Harris about this crime surfaced and she didn’t alert defense lawyers, a judge condemned her total indifference to this serious violation of the defendant’s rights. She contested the ruling, yet over 600 cases handled by this corrupt technician were dismissed.

Harris then and now: She championed legislation to prosecute parents of children who were truant from school. This affected low-income minorities the most. When a CA federal court over ruled her decision, she vehemently protested their ruling. She refused to support legal marijuana on the left coast, but supported it in her Senate race? Harris, once tough on crime, now criticizes the police. 

By the time Harris got to Congress she had a “woke religious conversion!” Nonpartisan GovTrack, a government watchdog reported Harris was further left than socialist Bernie Sanders. They also revealed she signed the fewest bipartisan bills in the Senate, and was the most partisan senator.   Brian Reid of Manhattan Institute reported she proposed over $46 trillion in spending next decade. 

In her campaign she supported Medicare for all, the Green New Deal, and free public healthcare for illegals. She is an abortion zealot and claims Catholics who belong to the Knights of Columbus are unfit to serve as federal judges. She compared U.S. Immigration agents to the Ku Klux Klan. 

When Harris was chosen as Biden’s VP there was a panic media-blitz to remake her. Media hid her companionship with Willie Brown, her defiance of authority, non-compliance with the courts and her support for radical left laws. And no major media outlet vetted her background or her qualifications.   

The New Yorker, NY Times, NPR, Politico, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Seattle Times, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Baltimore Sun, Detroit Free Press, featured articles the next day testifying she was a centralist? The NY Times and La Times said she was a “refreshing moderate.” ABC said the same. And not one of them got a Pinocchio Award for these fabricated fairytales? 

Democrats went to extremes to shelter Kamala Harris and protect her from everything that could taint her image. They had operatives in groups such as Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice America, the National Women’s Law Center, and Supermajority write to the management in national news services urging “internal consideration” about what they revealed about Harris and her past. They even gave them a list of specific topics and words they felt acceptable to use reporting about her.

Aldous Huxley wrote, “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” The media allowed Harris to skate through the 2021 campaign with rhetorical soft questions, never exposing her past or her positions on key issues. She attacked Biden unmercifully during the debates on his issues, and now calls them hers? The GovTrack polling group said she was the least electable candidate.

The media’s job is to investigate and vet all candidates, especially those running for president or VP. But today’s media bows to the woke grand identity of the far left. And Americans are growing more untrustworthy of media daily for their double standard politics. Conservatives know they must endure false accusations, character smears and denial of due process. While those on the political left that engage in acts of unlawful misconduct and moral turpitude–“with impunity” get a free pass. The media blistered Harris in the debates and have now canonized her, the patron saint of the left? 

Judging by Harris’ first six month scorecard, she failed to live up to her billing. From a border crisis to managing the Senate she has demonstrated zero leadership skills.

The media and the left did all of America a disservice not vetting a candidate that can easily become president tomorrow! Shame on them! And shame on everyone who voted for Harris who was clueless about her qualifications or her past. “Many a man or woman, under the old and the new system, has made the upward step from candidate to legislator, only to achieve his or her level of incompetence.” (Laurence J. Peter)

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