Anti-MAGA UT, Broken GOP, Cancel Culture Strikes, Tucker Slams Lee, Memphis Is A Drag, Woke Metro Nashville Council + More! -TennCon’s Big 7

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• Architect Of Biden’s Anti MAGA Speech Sits On UT’s Civics Institute Board >>

• Far-Left Cancel Culture Attempts To Deny Conservative Students Opportunity To Learn More About American Values >>

• TN Secretary Of State, Elections Coordinator Will Not Intervene In The Nullification Of State Election Results >>

• Tucker Carlson Slams Governor Lee For Being Soft On Crime >>

• Memphis Science And History Museum Wraps Up “Summer Of Pride” With Drag Queens >>

• Metro Council Continues Push To Aid Residents In Bypassing State Abortion Ban >>

• Tennessee Supply Chain Issues Likely to Be Increased By Looming Railroad Strike >>

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