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By Carmen Hunter [Founder of The Institute For Functional Health Coaching and contributor to the Tennessee Conservative] – 

SAP is the unfortunate acronym for Standard American Person. 

A SAP is defined by many of us in the wellness world as someone who lives pretty much according to the FDA guidelines: Follows the food pyramid, goes to the doctor if a sniffle comes on, takes the prescription their doctor tells them to, and follows the “rules.” 

So many people don’t realize that this lifestyle was created for you to keep you sick and dependent on a system that has no interest in showing you how to BE well, GET well, and STAY well so you can be easily controlled. The government has poisoned our food, our water, and our minds in way too many cases.  


If we genuinely want to take our freedom back, we must realize that we are voting with our choices. Every time we choose something that was “created” to make us sick, we give away our freedom. If we decide to eat the toxic food, take the prescriptions (where food and lifestyle would be better suited to repair the body), drink the fluoridated water (calcified pineal gland is the result) and live a life in fear, then we are truly not free.

It would be insane to say that there is NO room for medication and conventional medical services. We need them in many cases to survive (battlefield medicine anyone?). But let’s take the time to do the work on learning what we can do for ourselves FIRST before we just give in to what we are told to eat and what we need to do to be healthy.

There was once a time where we were making our own decisions-we were eating healthy food, growing gardens, making our own medications from herbs, fermenting our own probiotics and so much more. 
Enter John. D. Rockefeller and the disease of greed. If you really want to understand how we ended up obese, depressed, powerless and now controlled take a look at this article.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this! Through sharing information we learn from each other and become even more powerful and more FREE. 
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About the Author: Carmen Hunter is the founder of The Institute for Functional Health Coaching®Carmen Hunter Health LLC and the creator of Education, Preparation & Action.  She has over 11 years of experience in the wellness industry to include coaching hundreds of one-on-one clients, group training and teaching coaches and practitioners worldwide how to collaborate for better client outcomes and business success. 

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