The Cost Of Illegal Immigration To Taxpayers

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Photo: Representative Bruce Griffey (R) Paris, TN

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Published July 7, 2021

By TN Representative Bruce Griffey –

The costs of illegal immigration to American and Tennessee taxpayers is clearly documented – costing U.S. taxpayers in the hundreds of millions of dollars every year.   

In fact, the US economy loses 150 billion per year from our economy due to money made in the U.S. being sent back home to foreign countries.    

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In addition, both legal and illegal immigration has the effect of suppressing wages and wage growth for Americans and Tennesseans and especially for those at the lower end of the economic/wage scale.   

Our fellow Americans and Tennesseans at the lower end of the economic scale are EXACTLY the Americans and Tennesseans WE ALL should be focused on, and we should be taking all reasonable measures to help them so they can provide for their families without having to work 2 or 3 jobs! 

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As an elected Representative, I swore an oath to serve my constituents who overwhelming oppose illegal immigration as well as legal immigration.  I therefore propose a complete ban on ALL immigration for at least a 10-year period. 
Consistent with this, I also oppose all efforts to “enable” immigration into Tennessee by non-US citizens – that would include licensing any migrant care facilities licensed by Tennessee Dept of Human Services. 
I also challenge Governor Lee to issue an execute order to that effect.   

He was willing to issue executive orders that allowed big corporate box stores like Walmart and Home Depot to stay open due to the COVID virus while at the same time unconstitutionally shutting down small businesses owned and operated by our friends and families!  That was Un- American and unconscionable in my opinion. 
Furthermore, in my opinion, the Biden Administration is intentionally circumventing current US law and taking executive action to flood the U.S. with illegals it will then seek to reward with Amnesty – a betrayal to American taxpayers and American values.   

This is the exact plan the Corporate Globalist recently used in Europe and the UK to flood their countries with migrants to try to alter the number of persons that vote in elections and totally change their culture!  It is the new face of socialism.  The Neo-Marxists/Fascists are attacking America with Critical Race Theory, BLM and Antifa! 
I LOVE AMERICA AND AMERICAN CULTURE!   We embrace lots of different cultures but it’s still American culture.  That’s what makes the U.S. Great! 

President Trump and his Administration put in place policies and “the Wall” to shut off this  illegal migrant invasion!  I can’t wait for his return to the White House!   

Most American know the radical DEMs STOLE this election!  They are going to be BUSTED IN Arizona and Georgia very soon!   

If the RINO GOP in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan would show some guts and leadership, We will expose the steal there too!  There is no way Joe Biden, who couldn’t fill a McDonald’s playground with supporters, won the election. 
All Americans need to organize, and push back against these horrid political doctrines that always result in destruction of freedom and Capitalism.   

Capitalism has raised the standard of living for more people in the history of the World by giving them Freedom to do as they see fit.  Socialism enslaves people!  Don’t believe me?  Ask any Venezuelans that’s not part of the Maduro regime! 
I therefore call on ALL elected government officials to swear an Oath to their constituents that they will: 
1. Never vote for and will actively fight against any attempt to provide amnesty to anyone that came to the US illegally, whether as an adult or a minor; 
2. Actively fight for a 10-year ban on ALL immigration; 
3. Demand Completion of the Wall at the U.S. Southern Border and fund it; and 
4. Actively fight for legislation that prevents illegals from working in the U.S. (E-verify for all employers) and shuts off free k-12 education for illegal children in the US by overturning the Plyler vs Doe decision that by judicial fiat requires local school districts to provide free education to children of illegals unlawfully in the US. 
In short, ban all licensing of all “refugee“ centers in Tennessee.  It’s not that difficult to do.  It just takes Political GUTS!!!   Something that’s apparently a rare commodity these days!  Especially in GOP circles in my opinion! 
Republicans control Tennessee.  If something is not done, don’t blame the DEMs, at least at the State level! 

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About the Author:

Bruce Griffey, Esq. – (R) Paris – Tennessee State Representative District 75

Griffey is the Representative for Henry, Benton and Stewart Counties.

4 thoughts on “The Cost Of Illegal Immigration To Taxpayers

  • July 7, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    I totally agree with Representative Bruce Griffey. ALL Tennesseans NEED to take this position aginst BOTH illegal and legal immigration. After what I’ve seen out of our Governor Lee , I think he is a stinking RINO. He needs to be recalled if there is a way to do it or just plain be replaced by a Conservative in the next primary . Lee needs to be thrown out of the GUP ( Give Up Party ) as soon as possible. I’m sorry that I voted for him when he first entered Tennessee politics. As usual, he turned out to be a traitor to Conservative causes. Unless something is done and done soon our nation is lost. It may be already lost. At least we need to reverse this invasion like President Eisenhower did. I understand that he deported something like 5 million illegals.

    • July 7, 2021 at 8:50 pm

      Well said, Mr. Edens. You’d think at my age I’d know better than to believe anything a politician says. Trump spoiled me because he did exactly what he said he’d do. Like you, I’m sorry I voted for Governor Lee. It seems there’s a back door to everything he does. The Constitutional Carry law is a farce, as you say opening the door to illegal is a backstab and just try to find out if schools in your area are teaching the Critical Race Theory. I can’t find out if mine are or are planning to. I like Rep. Griffey’s style, maybe he’ll be like Trump, a sayer and doer of conservativism.

  • July 8, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    This is where I am at with the whole Illegal Alien issue.

    –Fine the Transport Companies $10,000 per Illegal Brought and dropped in Tennessee. All Bus, Auto, Airlines Private or Public and their enabling drop off companies i.e. churches, Group Homes etc., $1,000 per day per Illegal Alien in Tennessee. I presented this to one of our House members in Bradley County last month.

    –Fine any school that allows any Illegal Alien student to attend classes $500. attendance day.

    — Cancel Bill Lee as Governor

    — Citizens of Tennessee take a stand–Lay out of work 1 day in protest if no real illegal alien laws enacted–Hit the states Purse strings

    — Stop buying from Companies that embrace Illegal Aliens.

    Some are tough love measures but we will not survive in a State that looses it’s American Culture. Think about it!!

  • July 13, 2021 at 10:55 pm

    Arizona tried the whole “fining” biz that cooperate with illegal aliens etc. The Obama admin took away the funding from the people that “enforced” said law. So the law was there. But who you going to call? Just a tidbit. And I agree pretty much with all the above.


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