TN Drug Runners Die In Texas Shootout, Violent Threats From Pro-Hamas, TWRA Overstepping Constitutional Bounds & 4 More Big 7 Stories!

• Threats From “Pro-Hamas Thugs” 😡

• Tennessee Drug Runners Die In Texas Shootout 🚛

• TWRA Overstepping Constitutional Bounds

• TN Governor Stalked By “Trans Man” ⚧️

• Challenge To Tennessee’s Anti-CRT Law

• Protecting Kids From Cyber Crimes

& More in the Big 7 Weekend Update!

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The Stories –

• “Pro-Hamas Thugs” Allegedly Threaten Nashville Hotel Staff With Violence Leading To Cancellation Of Pro-Israel Event – Read about it Here and Here!

• Former Religious School Student, “Trans Man” Arrested For Cyberstalking, Threats Against Gov. Lee & First Lady Maria – Read about it Here!

• Appeals Court Rules Tennessee Wildlife Officers’ Warrantless Searches Of Private Property Are Unconstitutional – Read about it Here!

• Proposed Jail In Williamson County To Be Most Expensive In Tennessee Requiring Substantial Debt Or Property Tax Increase – Read about it Here!

• Progressive US District Court Judge Rules Teacher’s Lawsuit Against Tennessee Law Prohibiting CRT In The Classroom Can Move Forward – Read about it Here!

• Putnam County Couple Dies In Shootout With Texas Police While Transporting Illegal Drugs – Read about it Here!

• Senator Marsha Blackburn’s Bill To Protect Children From Cyber Crimes Signed Into Law – Read about it Here!

• And More!

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