What Tennessee’s Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Illegal immigration, Afgan resettlement, medical freedom, separation of powers and school choice are just a few topics the liberal mainstream media in Tennessee will never report on accurately. Sadly, many RINO Republicans wish it would stay that way.

Tennessee Capitol Building in Nashville

Enter Brandon Lewis, publisher of The Tennessee Conservative. 

Lewis launched Tennessee’s fastest-growing Conservative news alternative with the aim of holding our state and local governments accountable to serve the will of the Republican primary voter. 

At this event, Lewis will discuss the power of Conservative Citizen Journalism and bring you the latest updates on breaking news in Tennessee from a true Conservative perspective.

Don’t miss it! 

Visit the Facebook Event Page and Click the GOING button now! 

Interested parties can also invite others to attend from the Event page.

Questions? Contact Mae Beavers 615-406-9151 or maebeavers@tds.net .

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