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TN Attorney General Announces $44.5 Million Settlement In Food City Opioid Case

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti Announced A $44.5 Million Settlement With K-VA-T Food Stores, Commonly Known As Food City, Over The Grocery Store Chain’s Opioid-Related Misconduct.

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Can We Finally Agree That Sanctuary Cities Are A Failed Experiment? (Op-Ed)

For Several Decades, A Collection Of Progressive States, Counties And Cities Have Conducted An Experiment Called Sanctuary Policies. Based On A Preponderance Of Evidence, Especially In The Last Few Years, It Is Time To Declare America’s Experiment With Sanctuary Policies To Be A Complete Failure And Seek A Better Way.

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Lawmakers Blast Chinese Communist Party’s Influence On American Classrooms

U.S. House Lawmakers Held A Hearing To Investigate The Chinese Communist Party’s Alleged Efforts To Influence American Classrooms.

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Save Chattanooga – Stop The SMART City Plans – Meeting Coming Up On Sept 25

Are You Concerned About Intrusive Surveillance; Higher Taxes, Fines & Fees; And Government Land Grabs? You Are Not Alone!

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Illegal Immigration, Media Censorship & Corporate Welfare – Brandon Lewis On The Freedom Matters Podcast

This Week The Freedom Matters Podcast Is Joined By Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative – One Of The Few News Organizations Willing To Uncover The Truth In Tennessee.
Brandon, Gary Humble And Kevin Kookogey Discuss The Impact Of Illegal Immigration, Media Censorship And Corporate Welfare.

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Proposal Pitched To Governor Would Help Homeowners In Their “Golden” Years Remain In Their Homes

A Proposal Pitched To Governor Bill Lee Would Expand Property Tax Relief For Long-Term Tennessee Homeowners In Their “Golden” Years.

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Lobbying Groups Spent Around $35 Million To Influence Tennessee Lawmakers During First Half Of 2023

Tennessee’s Lobbying Sector Is Doing Just Fine. From Jan. 1, 2023 To June 30, 2023, Groups Spent A Combined $35 Million On Lobbying Activity.

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Tennessee Legislators Looking At Bill To Require Age Verification For Pornographic Websites

Tennesseans Looking To Visit Pornographic Websites May Soon Have To Show Government-Issued Identification To Prove That They Are At Least 18 Years Of Age.

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