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American Refugees – Will The Influx Of Blue State Refugees Into The Heartland Ruin The Country Or Save It?

America Is Badly Divided. Urban And Coastal Progressives Openly Loathe Traditional Americans Living In Rural Areas And “Flyover Country,” Hillary’s “Deplorables,” And The Scorn Is Reciprocated. At The Same Time, An Exodus Is Under Way From Blue States As Many Residents Flee High-Tax, Crime-Ridden Cities Plagued By Homeless Encampments, Open-Air Drug Dens, And Toxic Woke Policies, Seeking Refuge In Red States Such As Texas, Florida, And Tennessee. In These Tumultuous Times, Patriots Must Unite.

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Tennessee Needs Anesthesia Providers Who Are Highly Educated And Skilled! We Do Not Need A Lesser Option

Tennessee Conservatives Should Understand That There Is A Move Within The State Legislature That Aims To Introduce An Additional Anesthesia Provider To The State. This Provider Is Claimed To Be Available And Cost Effective. This Is Absolutely Not Accurate.

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Keeping Politics Out of the Courtroom – Interview With Tennessee’s 21st Judicial District Circuit Court Candidate David Veile

Join The Tennessee Conservative’s Kelly Jackson As She Sits Down With Current Candidate For Circuit Court Judge For The 21st Judicial District, David Veile, As They Discuss The Topic Of Judicial Activism, And The Role Of Politics In Our Courts (Spoiler Alert, It Shouldn’t Have One!).

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Major Differences In Tennessee House & Senate School Choice Bill Proposals With Hearings Beginning This Week

This Week In Their Respective Committees, The Proposal For School Choice That Has Been Dangled By Governor Bill Lee For The Past Few Years Will Be Presented In Both Tennessee House And Senate Hearing Rooms. However, What Is Being Proposed In One Chamber, Is Vastly Different From What Is Being Proposed In The Other.

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Tennessee Private School Handgun Bill Passes House

A Tennessee Private School Handgun Bill Passed On The House Floor Yesterday 74 To 23. The Vote Was Split Along Party Lines With All Republicans Voting Yes And All Democrats In Attendance Voting Against The Bill.

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Bill To Keep Autopsy Reports Of Murdered Children Hidden From The Public Passes By Voice Vote In Committee Led By Chairman John Ragan

A Bill To Keep Autopsy Reports Of Murdered Children Hidden From The Public Passed The House Government Operations Committee Yesterday Afternoon By A Voice Vote.

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Tennessee House Passes Bill To Ban Pride Flags In Public Schools

A Bill That Will Ban Certain Flags, Including Pride Flags, From Tennessee Classrooms Was Passed On The House Floor Yesterday With A 70 To 24 Vote In Favor.

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Tennessee House Passes Bill Barring Local Councils From Returning Expelled Lawmakers

Despite Constitutional Questions, Tennessee House Republicans Approved A Measure Monday That Would Stop Expelled Lawmakers From Being Reappointed To Office.

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