Let’s Go Brandon! Roundtable Discussion On Tennessee News And More [Brandon Lewis On The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast]

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

In this Month’s “Lets Go Brandon” episode on The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast, Brandon Lewis,  founder of the Tennessee Conservative News, joins host Steve Abramowicz for a roundtable discussion on what’s taking place at the Tennessee Capitol and beyond.

Always educational, entertaining and even inspiring. Don’t miss out on the discussion!

Brandon talks about the reasons why he takes time away from running his small business (that pays the bills) to run a Conservative News outlet that, at current, doesn’t make any profit.

See the birth of The Tennessee Conservative on a bridge in Chattanooga on March 19th, 2020 HERE.

They go on to discuss some recent headlines from TennesseeConservativeNews.com

$412M Tax Cut Headlines Tennessee Bills Becoming Law On July 1st

Recent TCAP Data Shows 8th Graders Fared Much Worse In ELA Than Students In 3rd Grade

‘Most Controversial Figure In Tennessee History’ To Be Removed From Eighth-Grade Classrooms

TN Board of Education Clarifies “Removal” Of Nathan Bedford Forrest From Eighth-Grade Curriculum

Formal Complaint Alleges Johnson Campaign Illegally Coordinated With Several PACs During 2022 Primaries

Christian University in Nashville Disinvites Group Over Biblically Sound Statement Regarding Pride Month

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