Independent Think Tank Says More Masks On The Horizon For Tennessee Schools Because Of Strings Attached To ESSER Funding

In A White Paper Summary Released This Year, TN Liberty Network Details How The Federal Government Uses Covid Relief Money Via Elementary And Secondary School
Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funds “To Coerce K-12 Public School Compliance With CDC-Related Requirements, Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Requirements, And Mental Health Requirements.”

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Republicans Pressure Education Secretary On School Choice Restrictions

Republican U.S. Senators On Tuesday Questioned Secretary Of Education Miguel Cardona On The Issue Of School Choice In The Public Education System.

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INTERVIEW With Rep. Greg Vital – A Fresh Perspective On The Legislature From A Tennessee Businessman

Representative Greg Vital (R-Harrison-District 29) shares his experiences about his first term in the Tennessee Legislature from the unique perspective that comes from being a Tennessee businessman.

Vital talks about the huge number of bills that are introduced but never make it to the floor for a vote and what constituents can do to help the pieces of legislation they care about to move forward.

He also talks about the importance of striking a balance between conservation and development, the significant need to appraise Tennessee’s public education system and the creep away from the morals and values that made our State and our Nation great.

All this and more in an interview you absolutely do not want to miss!

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Tennessee Colleges See Record Decline In Enrollment Of High School Graduates

Many Tennessee Parents Are Hesitant To Send Their Children To The State’s Public Universities Because Many Of These Institutes Of Higher Education Have Become A Forum For Activists To Force Concepts Like Critical Race Theory Or Social-Emotional Learning On Students. Recent Reports Show That Only About Half Of High School Graduates In The State Are Going To College.

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HUGE TN Supreme Court Ruling for School Choice, Down Enrollment, Starbuck, NFL Welfare, Drugs in Nashvegas – Big 7 Weekend Digest!

1) TN Supreme Court Says Governor Lee’s Voucher Program Not a Violation of Home Rule Protections
2) Sullivan County Schools Advertising To Try and Sway Students to Enroll
3) TN Law To Protect Students From Digital Obscenity & Pornography To Go Into Effect For Fall Semester
4) Federal Judge Denies Starbuck’s Request To Get Back On The Ballot In Tennessee Congressional Race
5) New Tennessee Titans Stadium Listed As $2.2B Expense In Nashville Budget Document
6) Semantics Allows Youth In Juvenile Detention Facilities To Endure Solitary Confinement Despite New Law
7) Three Nashvillians Plead Guilty To Smuggling Drugs For Mexican Cartel

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Congresswoman Harshbarger’s Frank Talk On School Reform, Illegal Immigration, Inflation, Ukraine & More

It’s a rare thing to find: An elected official who tells it like it is. In this interview, Congresswoman Harshbarger sounds the alarm on obscene materials in public schools, the crisis at the border, inflation and how it all impacts Tennessee. Plus, she has advice on what Conservatives in the Volunteer state should do about it. Grab your popcorn. This is well worth the watch.

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Tennessee Public School Funding Formula Passes House Committee

A New Funding Formula For Tennessee’s Public Schools Continued To Wind Its Way Through Legislative Committees On Monday.

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Taxpayer-Funded Lobbyists, Firearms Legislation & The Importance Of Successful Educational Outcomes In TN (Interview w/ Rep. Todd Warner)

In this interview, Representative Todd Warner (R-Chapel Hill-District 92 ) speaks candidly about his biggest disappointment with his experience in the Tennessee Legislature – the influence of taxpayer-funded lobbyists and the good legislation aimed at limiting their influence that has been killed this session.

Warner also discusses his firearms bill that would grant 18 year-olds the right to bear arms along with the importance of the state’s educational system to produce literate individuals, if for no other reason than to lower the chances of them turning to crime.

All this and more in an interview that you do not want to miss!

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