The Truth About Chattanooga Shootings, TVA Wokeness & TN “Tax Breaks” Discussed By Lewis & Abernathy

Chattanoogan and founder of The Tennessee Conservative, Brandon Lewis, joins the Alex Abernathy Show to speak the truth, that you won’t see in the mainstream media headlines, about the plague of shootings in Chattanooga and how it could be remedied by the City adopting the “Broken Window Doctrine.”

They also discuss the Pride Month promotions posted by countless companies and organizations in the Volunteer State that are very much out-of-step with the majority of Tennesseans.

And in closing, they discuss the Tennessee tax cuts being celebrated by the state’s Republican leadership that many consider to be too stingy considering the state’s coffers are filled with the biggest surplus in the Volunteer State’s History.

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Tax Breaks Total $280 Million Amid Sky-Rocketing Revenues

Considering The State’s Budget Hit $52.8 Billion For Fiscal 2022-23, Starting July 1, And Revenue For This Budget Year Continues To Soar Past Projections, Some Question Exists Whether The State Went Far Enough In Returning Money To Taxpayers.

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Biden On Ukraine, Inflation In State Of The Union Address

President Joe Biden Delivered The State Of The Union Address For The First Time In His Presidency Tuesday Night, Tackling A Range Of Issues From The Invasion Of Ukraine And The Status Of The Economy To Funding Police And Securing The Border.

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Tennessee’s Airports Seek $125M In New Annual Funding

The Tennessee Association Of Air Carrier Airports Asked For An Annual Funding Increase Of $125 Million Wednesday During A Presentation To The Senate Transportation And Safety Committee.

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Biden Builds Back Broke: Blackburn Op-Ed

Democrat Policies Are, In No Uncertain Terms, A Disaster For The American People. Our Businesses And Livelihoods Will Suffer As A Direct Result Of The Radical Whims Of Congressional Democrats Championed By The White House.

Make No Mistake — Democrats In The White House And Congress Haven’t Just Failed The American People — They Are Doing Everything In Their Power To Keep Us From Succeeding, To Destroy Small Businesses And Force Their Socialist Agenda On Main Street America.

These Proposed Tax Regulations Will Undermine Small Businesses, Bankrupt Lower-Income Taxpayers, And Enable China To Continue Its Uncontested Economic Growth. Any Effort To Subvert Outright Opposition To The Radical Tax Plan Is An Insult To The American People.

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FedEx Biggest Beneficiary Of TN Aviation Gas Tax Cut

A Tax Cut Is Going Into Effect Today In Tennessee, But The Largest Impact Will Be Felt By One Company. The Only Tennessee Company Hitting The Aviation Tax Cap Is FedEx.

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Hawley Sponsors ‘Pro-Family’ Proposal Giving Tax Credits To Families With Children

U.S. Rep. Josh Hawley Is Sponsoring A New Measure That Would Give Unprecedented Tax Cuts To Parents With Children, And Says His Bill Is On The Front Line Of The Nation’s “Culture War.”

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Republicans Push Back As Biden’s Proposed Spending Requests Top $6 Trillion

Republican Lawmakers Pushed Back Wednesday After The White House Unveiled A New $1.8 Trillion Spending Plan That Includes Free College Tuition Provisions And Up To 12 Weeks Of Paid Family Leave.

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Complete Breakdown Of Lee’s Proposed 2021-22 Fiscal Budget

Gov. Bill Lee Has Announced His Amendment To The Proposed 2021-22 Fiscal Year Budget Which Includes $580 Million In Available Funds.

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