Tennessee Bill Signed Into Law That Specifies “Money” Does NOT Include Central Bank Digital Currency

Last Week, Governor Lee Signed Into Law A Bill That Amends Tennessee Code As It Relates To Central Bank’s Digital Currency And Money In The State.

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1000s Of Illegal Immigrants Coming To Tennessee / TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency, Red Flag Gun Laws & Much More In The BIG 7!

Why is The Tennessee Holler STILL afraid to debate state policy?

Feds to Mass Transport Thousands of Illegal Aliens to Tennessee… State GOP Does Nothing

Trans Prayer on TN House Floor…

TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency & Red Flag Gun Laws

& More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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GOP Lawmakers Edge Closer To Opening Tennessee’s Incorporation Of Central Bank Digital Currency, Other Currencies Vulnerable To Centralized Control

Last Year, A Bill Was Passed That Changes The Definition Of Money And What Kinds Would Be Able To Be Used In Tennessee Without The Necessity Of Currency Exchange. This Year, New Legislation Has Been Introduced That Critics Warn Will Make The State Vulnerable To Being Forced To Participate In A Central Bank Digital Currency.

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Freedom Fest 2023 Draws Capacity Crowd to Jefferson County, Speakers And Activists From Across Tennessee Participate

Conservative Activists, Organizations, And Presenters From Across Tennessee Gathered To Attend Freedom Fest 2023, Jointly Sponsored By Empowered Jefferson And Empowered Sevier. Both Empowered Groups Were Formed By Citizens In A Grassroots Effort To Improve Public Policy, Government Accountability, And To Support Common Sense Conservatives That Seek Public Office.

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