Feds Probing Johnson City Police Over Serial Rapist Cover-Up Allegations

The Johnson City Police Department Is The Subject Of A Federal Public Corruption Probe Related To Its Handling Of An Alleged Serial Rapist, New Filings In An Ongoing Class Action Lawsuit Indicate.

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For Some, Open Border Chaos Is The Goal (Op-Ed)

Beware, The Crisis At The Southern Border May Be Much Worse Than It Appears.

The Ways In Which American Families And Businesses Are Being Harmed By The Open Border Policies Could Fill Volumes. But It’s Clear That State Budgets, Neighborhood Safety, And Our Children’s Futures Are All Being Endangered While The Drug Cartels And Our Most Powerful Foreign Adversaries Become Enriched And Empowered.

Instead Of Using These Tragedies To Advance The Special Interest Agendas Of Michael Bloomberg And George Soros, Perhaps We Could All Agree That The American Chapter On Human Trafficking, Opioids, And Open Borders Should Be Relegated To The History Books.

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Corporate Welfare Candy for Incumbents, The Woke Invasion of TN Public Schools, Taxpayer’s Burden, Blocking School Choice & More! -TennCon’s Big 7

1) Large Business Economic Incentives Benefit The TN Politicians Who Approved Them, Report Says
2) Teacher’s Union And School Boards Continue To Fight Against Option For Students To Receive Classical Education In Tennessee
3) Conservative Teachers “Must Stand” As Changes To Title IX Threaten Education
4) Tennessee’s New Public Education Funding Formula Will Likely Increase Taxpayer Burden
5) TN Dept of Education Delays Plan To Score Public Schools For Fifth Straight Year
6) New School Library Structure Pushes Librarians To Become Political Activists
7) To Help Combat Illicit Drugs, New TN Legislation Requires Fatal Overdoses Be Reported To Police

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To Help Combat Illicit Drugs, New TN Legislation Requires Fatal Overdoses Be Reported To Police

A New Law In Tennessee Requires Hospitals To Report All Fatal Overdoses To Local Law Enforcement. The Intention Of The Bill Is To Help Police Determine Where People Are Obtaining These Drugs In An Effort To Stop Those Individuals Who Are Distributing Them.

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