TN “Republicans” Allow Commercial Airline To Mass-Transport Illegal Aliens Into Volunteer State Ahead Of Election; Richey Champions Immigration Check for TN Voters; RINOs Rally Behind Tom Hatcher & 4 More…

• TN “Republicans” Allow Commercial Airline to Mass-Transport Illegal Aliens Into Volunteer State Ahead of Election

• Richey Champions Immigration Check for TN Voters

• RINOs Rally Behind Tom Hatcher

• & 4 More…

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Amended Bill Blocking Incentives For ‘Countries Of Concern’ Heads To Tennessee Senate

A Tennessee Bill Banning Incentives For Companies From Countries Of Concern Advanced In Senate Committee After Another Costly Part Of The Bill Was Removed.

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Tennessee Bill Would Block Incentives To Companies From ‘Countries Of Concern’

A Bill Adding Tax Credits For Research And Development From Energy And Tech Companies Along With Banning Tax Credits And Incentives For Countries Of Concern Passed The Tennessee House Government Operations Committee On Monday. China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela And The Syrian Arab Republic Are Listed As Countries Of Concern.

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2 New Bills Submitted By Tennessee GOP Lawmaker To Prohibit Business, Political Activity With Foreign Adversaries

Two New Bills Have Been Filed For The 2024 General Assembly That All But Prohibit The Ability Of Certain Foreign Entities To Do Business In Or With The State Of Tennessee. Additionally, Foreign Agents From Certain Countries Will Be Required To Register With The Attorney General’s Office.

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Russia’s Putin Fears Democracy More Than NATO

When Putin Invaded Ukraine, He Never Expected The Free World Would Ally Against Him. But The 2nd Great War Taught The World A Vital Lesson For Survival In Dealing With Rogue Dictators Like Adolf Hitler. The Botched 1938 Munich Agreement Between Chamberlain And Hitler Proved Appeasement Does Not Stop Aggression. It Is A Sign Of Weakness That Instills Confidence In Rogue States That They Are Feared And No One Will Stop Their Aggression.

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Americans, Not Government, Are the Arbiters of Truth – Hagerty Op-Ed

The Cozy Relationship Between Big Government And Big Tech Has Blossomed Into Brazen Collusion. When The White House Doesn’t Like What Americans Are Saying, They Pick Up The Phone And Use Government Power To Pressure Unaccountable Big Tech Corporations To Censor Americans. This scheme to end-run the Constitution by secretly working with tech platforms to censor Americans’ speech is not only disturbing but also wholly inconsistent with the government’s constitutional role in American life. It is completely contrary to the foundational principles embedded in the First Amendment to our Constitution.

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