Memphis Pushes More Hotel Tax Funding For FedExForum Renovations

Memphis Is Looking For More Funding For The Renovations At The FedexForum And Are Pushing A Pair Of Bills In The Tennessee Legislature To Get That Funding.

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How Sports Franchises Use Economic Impact Reports To Gain Public Funds

In Tennessee And Across The Nation, Leaders Make Decisions To Dole Out Millions In Taxpayer Dollars To Sports Franchises Based On “Economic Impact Reports.” Those Who Research And Study The Impact Of Pro Sports Arenas And Public Funding Surrounding Them Have Never Seen The Positive Impact Touted In The Report Numbers.

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Tennessee’s Budget Sees Impact Of Tax Cuts And No New Untapped Revenue Sources

Two Things Have Driven Tennessee’s Massive Rise In State Revenues Over The Past Five Years: The Ability To Collect Taxes On Internet Sales And An Enormous Growth In Franchise And Excise Tax Collections. But As The Online Sales Tax Money Becomes A Normal Part Of The State Budget And Lawmakers’ 2023 Franchise And Excise Tax Cuts Go Into Effect, The Days Of Significant Revenue Growth Are Likely In The Rearview Mirror.

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No Parental Consent Required; TN Kids Getting Arrested; How The GOP Is Spending Your $$$ – The TennCon Big 7!

Brandon Speaks About The Tennessee Conservative’s Top 7 News Stories Of The Week…

Stories About Another TN Dept Of Education Attempt To Do Away With Parent’s Rights, TN Kids Getting Arrested, How TN’s Republican Supermajority Is Spending Your Tax Dollars, More Attempts By Woke Organizations To Steal The Innocence Of Kids…

..All this & Much, Much More on The TennCon Big 7!


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TSU To Play At New Titans Domed Stadium

A State Building Panel Is Set To Inject $500 Million Into A $2.1 Billion Domed Titans Stadium On Nashville’s East Bank And Approve A 30-Year Lease For The TSU Tigers To Play There.

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Poll Results Show That Davidson County Voters Oppose New $2.1B Tennessee Titans Stadium Deal

A New Poll Of Davidson County Voters Shows That They Oppose The Deal To Give The Tennessee Titans $1.26 Billion Toward A New $2.1 Billion Stadium And Oppose Giving A Potential Major League Baseball Team Public Subsidies For A Stadium.

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