Conservative Journalist Ordered To Appear At Hearing That May Violate Tennessee Law Protecting Reporters

A Conservative Journalist Has Been Ordered To Appear At A Show Cause Hearing On June 17th, 2024 That May Violate A State Law Protecting Reporters.

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19,000+ Illegal Alien Kids Dumped in Tennessee, RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans, TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda, Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues & MORE in the BIG 7!

🚨 19,000+ Illegal Alien Children Dumped in Tennessee

🦏 RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans

🏳️‍🌈 TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda

🤫 Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues

& MORE in the BIG 7!

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Nashville Judge Requires Court Appearance For Media Organization Over Release of Information From Covenant School Shooter’s Manifesto

A Tennessee Judge Is Requiring The Parent Organization Over The Tennessee Star To Appear In Court To Defend Itself After The Release Of Information From Several Pages Alleged To Be From The Manifesto Of The Covenant School Shooter.

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Tennessee Senate Members Urged To Demand Report For Nashville Covenant School Shooter Regarding Prescription Drugs

On Wednesday, Tennessee Senate Health Committee Members Were Strongly Urged To Demand A Toxicology Report That Would Detail The Kinds Of Prescription Drugs Audrey Hale Was Taking For An “Emotional Disorder” At The Time Of The Nashville Covenant School Shooting.

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Police Chief Says Former Metro Nashville Detective Declined To Be Interviewed Regarding Leaked Manifesto Investigation

Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake Says That The Department Has Exhausted All Avenues In Their Investigation Of The Leaked Pages Of The Covenant Shooter’s Manifesto.

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Court Of Appeals Rules Covenant School Parents Have Right To Intervene In Legal Battle Over Shooter’s Manifesto

The Covenant School, Covenant Presbyterian Church And Parents Of Children At The School Can Intervene In The Legal Fight To Obtain Records Related To The Mass Shooting That Claimed The Lives Of Three Children And Three Adults At School On March 27, The Tennessee Court Of Appeals Ruled Thursday.

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Angry Statements Of Covenant School Shooter Suggest Negative Impact Of “Gender-Affirming” Care

The Angry Statements Contained Within The Leaked Pages Of Covenant School Shooter Audrey Hale’s Manifesto Suggest A Negative Impact Of The “Gender-Affirming” Care She May Have Been Receiving.

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7 Metro Nashville Officers Placed On Administrative Assignment In Response To Partially Leaked Manifesto

As Nashville Citizens, Political Leaders, And Law Enforcement Are Searching For Answers As To Who Originally Leaked Several Pages Of The Covenant School Shooter’s Manifesto To Conservative Host Steven Crowder, Seven Metro Police Officers Have Been Placed On “Administrative Assignment.” Crowder Says That None Of These Officers Are Responsible For The Leak.

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Nashville Shooter’s Partial “Manifesto” Leak Spurs News Media Frenzy & Responses From Political Commentators

Nashville Police Chief John Drake Has Officially Confirmed The Authenticity Of A Leak Involving 3 Pages Of The Covenant School Shooter’s Writings. Some Are Wondering How These Could Have Been Leaked While Others Are Focused Instead On Who The Documents Were Leaked By And Why They Were Leaked To A Texas Political Commentator Instead Of Someone In Tennessee.

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