19,000+ Illegal Alien Kids Dumped in Tennessee, RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans, TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda, Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues & MORE in the BIG 7!

🚨 19,000+ Illegal Alien Children Dumped in Tennessee

🦏 RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans

🏳️‍🌈 TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda

🤫 Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues

& MORE in the BIG 7!

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Gov. Lee Endorses 2024 GOP Candidates For Tennessee House & Senate

As The 2024 Election Season Continues To Unfold, Gov. Bill Lee Has Taken The Time To Endorse Several GOP Candidates Which, In The Opinion Of Some Conservatives, Helps Them Know Exactly Who Not To Vote For.

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Williamson Families Announces Candidate Endorsements For 2023 Franklin City Election

Williamson Families, A Coalition Of Local Families Founded To Encourage And Support Conservative Williamson County Residents To Run For Local Office, Announces Its Endorsements For The 2023 Franklin Board Of Mayor And Alderman (BOMA) Election, Upcoming On October 24th.

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Constitutional Republicans Sweep Sumner County Races Changing The Face Of Local Politics

The Sumner County Constitutional Republicans (SCCRTN) Group Endorsed 20 Individuals For The County Commission And Four Individuals For The School Board In The August Elections. Over 80% Of Their Endorsees Won.

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An Unexpected Email, How Conservative Candidates Fared at The Polls, Dems Vote Down GOP, Woke UT, It Can Happen In TN & More!

• An Unexpected Email
• How The Tennessee Conservative Candidate Picks Fared At The Polls
• Democratic Majority On Nashville Metro Council Votes Against 2024 GOP Convention
• University Of Tennessee’s 2022 Political Spending Heavily In Favor Of Liberals, Democrats
• Blount County ‘Family Friendly’ Pride Festival With Activities For Children: “I Cannot Believe This Is Happening Here.”
• Parents Must Opt In To Allow Children Access To Mature Reading List After Parents Successfully Lobby School Board
• Students Support High School Boy Who Spoke Out About Ideological Issues In The Classroom

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Patriotic Conservatives Forced To Run As Independents By GOP Establishment In Williamson County [Op-Ed]

In An Interview With Video Bloggers Diamond & Silk, Williamson County GOP Chair Cheryl Brown Suggested That Conservative Candidates Who Were Endorsed By Williamson Families PAC And Forced To Run As Independents Were Closet Democrats Or RINOs. As Secretary Of The Williamson Families PAC In Williamson County, TN I Feel Compelled To Enlighten Williamson County Voters On The Backstory Of What Ms. Brown Communicated In That Interview.

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