Segregationist Democrats Suppressed Black And White Republican Voters For A Hundred Years (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Since Democrats Have Rewritten History In Common Core Classrooms We Hear Little About How The Segregationist Democrats Made Blacks Walk Through Hell And High Water Just To Vote After The Civil War. And We Hear Less How Segregationist Democrats Isolated, Disenfranchised, And Intimidated Many White Republicans From Voting And Even Running For Office During And After Reconstruction.

Fearing A Red Wave During The Midterms, Biden And The Democrats Have Been Rewriting History And Calling Republicans The Party Of White Supremacy And Fostering Jim Crow-2 Laws To Disenfranchise Identity Groups. This Is The Defining Moment For Common Core. Those Who Have Not Witnessed The Failures Of Public School Education Need To Open Up A Pre-Common Core Textbook And Revisit Their History.

If Democrats Control Both Chambers Of Congress After The Midterms, They Will Federalize Elections And End All State Control Of The Process. This Will Enable Democrats To Suppress The Vote Of Anyone They Wish, Since States Will Have No Authority To Write Their Own Election Laws. This Gives Democrats More Power Than They Had Under Jim Crow-1 And Will Allow Them To Keep Republicans Out Of Office.

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How Zuckerberg Paid Millions For Progressives To Work With 2020 Voting Officials Nationwide

In The Months Leading Up To November’s Election, Voting Officials In Major Cities And Counties Worked With A Progressive Group Funded By Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg And Its Allies To Create Ballots, Strategically Target Voters And Develop “Cure” Letters In Situations Where Mail-in Ballots Were In Danger Of Being…

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For The People Act Is A Brazen Assault On State Authority And Free Speech

H.R. 1 would implode the rights of states in administering their own elections. This is in response, of course, to the hundreds of election-related lawsuits filed in the wake of ballot irregularities and various kinds of legislation making their way through state capitols to push back against some uncertainty about the November 2020 elections. But there is also an aspect of H.R. 1 that has not been much discussed, and that’s the silencing of speech. Even the American Civil Liberties Union, itself a long-established organization that is normally aligned with the authors of H.R. 1, has said that language contained the bill assaults the First Amendment.

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Voting Rights: Deep Philosophical Divide Underpins Policy Gulf

Republican Sen. Graham said, “They (Democrats) use the racism card to advance the liberalism agenda. H.R. 1 is sick, not what they’re doing in Georgia.”

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Representative Hakeem Requests State-Level Investigation Of Hamilton County Election Commission

Tennessee State Representative Yusuf Hakeem (D) has requested an investigation into the Hamilton County Election Commission in a letter to

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