Bills For Tennessee Conservatives To Watch In The General Assembly

With The Tennessee General Assembly Back In Session In Nashville, Many Bills Have Been Unveiled That Will Be Discussed Over The Next Few Months. Following Are Some Of The Bills That Have Been Made Public That Conservatives In Tennessee May Want To Keep An Eye On.

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Tennesseans Want Freedom Of Choice [ Interview with Representative Mark Hall ]

In this interview with Mark Hall, representative of District 24, we discuss the concerns of Hall’s constituents and his take on government mandates imposed on businesses.

As a member of the Health Committee and Subcommittee, Hall also offers his take on why the Tennessee legislature has focused so heavily on the COVID vaccine and left discussions regarding natural immunity by the wayside.

He also touches on the influence medical lobbies and big pharm has had on the legislature and the responsibilities that legislators have to their constituents.

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FBI Investigates Former Tennessee House Speaker Casada’s Involvement in Phoenix Solutions

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Is Looking At Whether Former Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada Was The Owner Of A Group That Conducted A Number Of Non-Legislative Tasks For Several Republican Lawmakers, Bringing In Over $230,000 From The House Republican Caucus.

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Rep. Robin Smith, Lobbyists & 6 Republicans Kill Religious Objections Bill

House Bill 10, A Law Protecting Religious Objections To Compulsory Vaccination Or Medical Procedures In Employment And Other Situations, Died In A House Subcommittee On Tuesday.

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Reps Robin Smith & Bryan Terry Push Criminalization, Compulsion for Those Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine

Facing Opposition By Representative Robin Smith And Representative Bryan Terry, Who Is Also The Chair Of The Health Committee, House Bill 10, Which Would Protect Individual Liberties Of Tennesseans, May Have A Difficult Time Making It Out Of Committee Unaltered.

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